Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Hendrick Will Not Appeal Texas Penalties

Rick Hendrick
Hendrick Motorsports will not appeal penalties announced today by NASCAR related to a post-race incident Sunday evening at Texas Motor Speedway.

“With NASCAR’s new Chase format, we’re seeing an unprecedented level of intensity every single week,” said Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports. “Emotions run high when you’re racing for a championship, and that’s exciting for our fans and everyone involved with the sport. But there’s a line the competitors need to be cognizant of, and we understand that.

“Jeff (Gordon) was rightfully fired up Sunday night, and it just reiterated to me how passionate he is and how much he wants to win. The No. 24 team is a group that works together and is loyal to one another. They have our full support as we go into these final two races.”

Team members involved in the incident will not be additionally sanctioned by Hendrick Motorsports.


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Let me start by saying - I've been a fan of HMS for years.....but all things come to an end!

    So Mr Hendrick will not appeal - well La Te Da. Why would he when the evidence is totally clear that multiple members of his organization GANGED UP on a driver that obviously had no desire to participate in a (listen to the in car radio from Gordon) planned attack.

    The motorsport media has painted Hendrick for years as some sort of Saint. If he had any REAL integrity he'd fire all those crewmembers involved in that excercise of poor sportmanship. BUT, integrity may be a little in short supply - Isn't Mr. H the one who did time in Federal Prision for Felonly counts?

    "Jeff (Gordon) was rightfully fired up Sunday night" - Really? He made a bad choice to take the outside on the restart, then moved even higher, Brad had a run and moved up 3/4 to the side - and Jeff chose to MOVE DOWN into Brad - clear as day on the film - and then had the balls to claim that Brad slammed him. There is no doubt as to who caused that 'rub'

  2. Let me see if I understand this.The crew chief is responsible for the actions of his crew, but the owner isn't responsible for the actions of his crew chief or his driver. Some club they got. Hendrick is happy that his driver showed some piss and vinegar, but he won't appeal the penalties imposed by NASCAR on the crew members that went to bat for his driver. I like Jeff as much as anyone, but why didn't he get sanctioned? This just ain't right.