Monday, February 16, 2015

Driscoll Granted No-Contact Order

Patricia Driscoll
Patricia Driscoll has been granted a no-contact order against former boyfriend Kurt Busch, forbidding the former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion from approaching or contacting her.

That decision was handed down today in Kent County (Del.) Family Court, after four days of testimony in November and December. Driscoll testified that Busch grabbed her by the throat and repeatedly smashed her head against the wall of his motorhome at Dover International Speedway last September. Busch has denied those allegations, characterizing Driscoll a vindictive ex-lover unwilling to accept the end of their relationship.

Driscoll’s attorney, Carolyn McNeice, confirmed the ruling in an email to Delaware’s News Journal today, saying, “We are pleased that the court ruled in our favor. Ms. Driscoll can now know that she will not receive any unwanted communications from Mr. Busch and feel that she is safe after nearly 5 months,”

Additional details are expected when Commissioner David Jones’ full opinion is released Friday.

In addition to the no-contact order, Driscoll has requested that Busch be ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation and anger management assessment. There is no word on whether those requests have been granted.

Busch still awaits the results of a criminal investigation conducted by the Dover Police Department. The results of that investigation have been in the hands of the Delaware Attorney General’s office since December, with no decision yet announced. Busch Stewart Haas Racing team confirmed this week that a contingency plan is in place to replace Busch, if he is unable to compete in Sunday’s season opening Daytona 500.

Busch has not commented on today’s ruling.


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    How far does he have to stay away from her ? Seems even a judge could come up with some guide lines . Biggest question is why would Bush want to be near her .

    1. I'm with you on this. Now, does SHE have to stay away from him, too?

    2. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Maybe the commissioner granted the order to protect him from her...

  2. Wayne5:16 PM

    I guess I feel for her son. The rest doesn't matter. Life goes on.

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    She just needs to stay away from the track. He didn't ask her to visit his motorhome. She should not have credentials any longer where she needs to be where the drivers stay, nor should she ever be on pit road again. She really has no business being there.

    1. Geosez4:05 PM

      I doubt she'll be issued credentials even if another team would be stupid enough to request them for her. And they don't carry over from year to year.