Sunday, September 02, 2012

Godfather Motorsports Overcomes Caraway Speedway "Big One"

The Godfather Motorsports team had quite a day at North Carolina's Caraway Speedway Saturday, heavily damaging the Rockingham Speedway/Fast Track High Performance Driving School Chevrolet in a first-practice crash triggered when a 12-year old driver decided it was a good idea to scrub his tires -- in the middle of the first turn, at 35 mph -- under green flag conditions.

The original plan was to repair the car only enough to load it in the trailer and go home. Being stubborn Yankee types, however, the team elected to ignore a bent/twisted right-front frame rail and horn and begin repairing the car, with an eye toward running a few laps in the first of two schedule feature events.

A three-hour thrash got the No. 30 Chevrolet ready just in time for qualifying. With no way of knowing what the car would do, driver Tracie Bellerose threw caution to the wind and pulled off a ninth-place effort that earned high-fives from the crew. In the main event, the highly modified (and not-so-pretty) No. 30 Chevrolet fought its way to an amazing sixth-place finish.

In the nightcap, Bellerose was up to seventh place before getting swept-up in another driver's mistake. With no front bumper or body panels for protection, the team's SECOND radiator of the day was damaged, finally putting the car on the trailer.

For more photos, check out the Godfather Motorsports Facebook Page HERE

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  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I was glad to see Bellerose wheel that sucker like she did, made us proud to watch her. Hope to see you back on track soon.