Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rheem Returns With Austin Dillon At The Wheel

Rheem announced today that the company will participate as a primary sponsor in two of the remaining 2014 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races. Rheem will fulfill contractual commitments previously made with Chicagoland Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway where Rheem had reserved hospitality, catering and large ticket blocks for Rheem customer groups. 

Richard Childress Racing has agreed to assist Rheem by providing competitive equipment sourced from NTS Motorsports, along with crew chief Chris Rice and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Austin Dillon for these events, even though RCR does not currently participate in the Camping World Truck Series. Dillon will drive the No. 20 truck painted in the classic red and black Rheem design. 

“We found ourselves in a unique situation and our friends at RCR stepped in to help,” said Ed Raniszeski, managing director of Rheem Motorsports. “We are now able keep our commitments to both tracks, as well as to the many Rheem contractors who were invited to be our guests and had been planning for months to attend these exciting races. We are grateful to Richard Childress for his unwavering support and to Bob Newberry for NTS’s valuable assistance.”  

These actions were in response to the sudden shuttering two weeks ago of the No. 30 Turner Scott Motorsports truck team sponsored by Rheem. As a result, Rheem was left scrambling for a solution and four-time champion driver, Ron Hornaday was left without a ride. Hornaday remains in limbo, but Rheem continues to look for avenues to allow Hornaday to return to truck competition before the 2014 season concludes.


  1. Brandon in TN2:54 PM

    So instead of throwing Dillon in the truck, why didn't RCR take the bigger step and put Hornaday in a truck?

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Agreed. Richard Childress Iis a class act and it would have been great for him to have put Ron in the truck.

    How about it Richard?

  3. Michael in SoCal11:23 AM

    Brandon just asked the question I was going to ask.