Monday, September 08, 2014

Truck Series Shocker: Hornaday's Team Was Fully Funded At Time Of Shutdown

TSM co-owner Steve Turner
The saga surrounding the recent shutdown of Ron Hornaday, Jr.’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series team took a bizarre turn today, when a spokesman for Rheem Motorsports revealed that his company had already agreed to back Hornaday for the remainder of the 2014 season.  

Rheem Motorsports Managing Director Ed Raniszeski told Sirius XM Speedway today that he was stunned by the abrupt closure of the No. 30 Turner Scott Motorsports team, just days prior to a race at Ontario’s Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. 

“I learned about it through the media,” said Raniszeski. “I was dumbfounded, since I had told Turner Scott Motorsports that we would sponsor any of Ron’s races that they were unable to find backing for. 

Ron Hornaday, Jr.
“Prior to the start of the 2014 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series season, Rheem had no plans to participate in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series as a sponsor,” said Raniszeski. “We had a deal in place with James Buescher Motorsports to back him with RAB Racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, but that’s it. 

We did have a longstanding relationship with Ron Hornaday, however, and a few weeks prior to the start of the season, we were informed that Ron was in jeopardy of being left without a ride. After some deliberation, Rheem agreed to sponsor Ron for the first four events, giving Turner Scott Motorsports additional time to find full sponsorship for the team.”  

Hornaday got off to a strong start, finishing second in the season opener at Daytona International Speedway and ranking fifth in points after four races. Despite that early success, Raniszeski said TSM was unable to secure additional backing for the No. 30 team, prompting Rheem to extend their “handshake agreement” to a total of 10 races. As Hornaday climbed to third in the championship standings, Raniszeski said the company agreed to back Hornaday in all races that TSM was unable to fill, for the remainder of the season.  

“I told them that if they didn’t have a sponsor in place two weeks before each race, Rheem would step-up,” said Raniszeski. “This commitment… came (from) the company’s sole belief that someone who has given so much to racing and to others throughout his life deserved an opportunity to finish his spectacular, Hall Of Fame-worthy career as a champion, one last time.” 

He said Rheem “committed significant incremental financial resources to Turner Scott Motorsports,” and called reports that the team was underfunded “completely inaccurate, false and a great disservice to Ron Hornaday’s contribution to motor racing, his fans and a long-time, loyal NASCAR sponsor like Rheem Manufacturing Company.”  

He said he has yet to receive an explanation for the move from TSM co-owners Steve Turner or Harry Scott, Jr.

“There has been very little that I have learned, because they have agreed not to talk about it. I wish I could give you a reasonable answer, (but) I really don’t know much,” said Raniszeski. “At this point, what we understand is that it’s a financial dispute. We have to let them and their lawyers figure it out. But in the meantime, a lot of race fans are disappointed not to see Ron on the race track.”
Raniszeski said Rheem is not only willing to back Hornaday going forward, but is “working hard right now to see if we can find something for him. We’re not finished trying to help him.”










  1. Rod Brown6:07 PM

    That speaks volumes about the guy Ron Hornaday is. Thank you Rheem Manufacturing for being a stand up sponsor. I guarantee I will use one of your products when the need arises.

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      That is awesome of Rheem...TSM will
      wish they had Ron...Ron will get the last llaugh!

  2. Gary Thompson7:21 PM

    This sport needs more drivers Hornaday (and his couch), and more sponsors like Rheem. With that being said, my heart still aches over what has happened to my all time favorite driver over the last couple of seasons since KHI left the series.

  3. frank boris9:08 PM

    Well said Rod, Rheem has got Ron's back, I've got theirs!

  4. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Also speaks volumes about Ed Raniszeski as a friend.Not many would keep trying to support Ron Hornaday or anyone else after the team is shut down by the owners. I believe we will see Ron Hornaday back on the track sooner rether than later.

  5. Dwayne in Memphis9:55 PM

    If a sponsor has a sponsorship contract and bails on a team, the team can sue for damages. Does Rheem have some recourse for an unfulfilled contract on TSM's part? Mr. Raniszeski seemed to be handling it all with class, and he didn't seem like that would happen. Just sorta asking as a general knowledge sort of question. It's just an awful shame to have such a loyal, longtime, NASCAR sponsor willing to sponsor one of our champions and have the team yank the rug out from both of them. Both Rheem and Ron Hornaday deserve so much better.

  6. Brandon in TN12:41 AM

    Let's hope Ron gets a ride with Rheem's backing while 2 owners keep their heads planted firmly in their backsides. Ron deserves so much better.

  7. DKL Racing1:55 AM

    Big disappointment. Been watching Ron since his south west tour days. Great driver, great family.! Rheem a class act company.

  8. Anonymous10:33 AM

    agreed i will use a rheem product as well sounds like a great company hornaday needs to be on the track full time rheem chevy in 2015 talk to rcr or gms

  9. So, who did what to whom?

  10. Anonymous11:28 AM guys get the #AwsomeStamp!
    Ron Hornaday Jr will make you proud Rheem an fools out of TSM!

  11. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I agree, thanks Rheem. I will purchase your products when possible. Very impressive committment.

  12. Anonymous12:32 PM


  13. Anonymous5:22 PM

    What a great company good for you guys...

  14. You know what? My next vacuum is going to be a Rheem now. Kudos to them- and TSM appears to be heading down a difficult road.

  15. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Goodwill is an intangible assets on the financial statements of many corporate entities. However, it may be tied to the ability of a business to continue doing business with its existing customers and attract future customers. Mr. Raniszeski just made Rheem more valuable today than it was yesterday.

  16. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Why did Rheem leave Cale Gale out in the cold.