Monday, January 12, 2015

Allegations Fly In Day Three Of Busch/Driscoll Testimony

Kurt Busch and Patricia Driscoll
Kurt Busch was back in Kent County (Del.) Family Court today, on Day Three of a hearing to determine whether former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll should be granted a no-contact order against him. 

Driscoll has testified that Busch assaulted her in his motorhome at Dover International Speedway on September 26 of last year. Busch denies those charges, saying he merely cupped Driscoll’s face in his hands while repeatedly asking her to leave. His attorney has described Driscoll’s allegations as “a complete fabrication by a woman who has refused to accept the end of a relationship.”  

Testifying today was Motor Racing Outreach chaplain Nick Terry, who is believed to be the first person to see Driscoll after the alleged assault. According to Jerry Jordan of, Terry testified that Driscoll claimed Busch had “grabbed her by the neck and pushed her up against the wall,” a statement that differs from her earlier assertions that Busch had “slammed her head against the wall” three times. 

Terry also said his wife was asked to examine Driscoll’s neck for abrasions, bruising and redness, but found none, adding, “I am absolutely certain that I did not see anything.” 

Busch’s personal assistant, Kristy Cloutier, also testified today, characterizing Driscoll as a control freak and saying the relationship between Busch and Driscoll was “like a puppet and a puppeteer,” with Driscoll pulling the strings. Cloutier said she does not believe Driscoll’s allegations of abuse and is confident that Busch would never intentionally hurt anyone. 

Busch also returned to the stand for a second time today, testifying that he is afraid of Driscoll, and believes the assertion that she is a “trained assassin” who has executed foreign drug lords on behalf of the United States government. Busch claimed Driscoll once showed him photographs on her mobile phone of dead bodies she claimed to have killed. 

Busch said he believed Driscoll could “take him down” if she chose to do so. Asked why he feared her, the former Sprint Cup Series champion replied, “Because she is a badass."  

He also repeatedly denied assaulting Driscoll during a lengthy re-enactment with his attorney. 

Testimony will continue for a fourth day tomorrow, with Busch expected to return to the stand for cross-examination by Driscoll’s attorney. Expected to testify on Busch’s behalf is Driscoll’s second husband, Geoffrey Hermanstorfer, who is expected to testify that Driscoll also made false allegations of domestic assault against him at the end of their relationship. 

In addition to today’s proceedings in Family Court, Busch also faces possible criminal charges. The Dover (Del.) Police Department recently completed an investigation into the alleged incident and forwarded its findings to the State’s Attorney for possible action. No timetable has been set for the D.A.’s decision whether to file charges.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Driscoll is a "trained assassin". LMAO

  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I find it interesting that the ex-husband will testify on Kurt’s behalf…..I wouldn’t trust his testimony any more than hers. He has something to gain by saying she did the same thing to him. He is the ex-husband.

    A Domestic Violence Threat is no joke, but it appears to be a common tactic used by people to get their way. It is a wrong that can never be righted. I hope to see the truth come out. The one testimony I find interesting is from the Chaplain and his wife. They didn’t notice any marks and they were the first ones to see her?

    If she did have pictures of dead people as Kurt has said…I would think the phone company or an IT person could find out. Someone is lying and will be branded a liar forever when this is over…..If its Kurt, this will be the end of his career….if it’s her…will it be the end of her career and her association with the Vets?

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Hell no it won't be the end of Driscoll, unfortunately.

  3. Anonymous9:31 PM

    This is a ridiculous waste of The Court's time and resources. The case should be dismissed and Driscoll should have to pay all costs.

    1. Anonymous10:13 PM

      I'm sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Every allegation needs to be investigated. One never knows when one is real...Kurt does have a reputation of having a quick temper, however, if Ms. Driscoll is using that to get even with Kurt for breaking up with her, she should suffer a consequence when this is over. Lying and perjury are taken too lightly...If she is telling the truth, Kurt's career is over....if she's lying, she should have to pay damages to Kurt and the state for making a false report for whatever her agenda is, because I do agree, if proven false, this is a serious waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    This crap should be on a tv family show and not be throwing away resources for judicial procedures .