Wednesday, January 07, 2015

France: NASCAR Will Be "Very, Very Aggressive" On Domestic Violence

                                                           Photo: Asssociated Press
NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said yesterday that the sanctioning body will be “very, very aggressive” when dealing with instances of domestic violence in the sport.

Former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Kurt Busch was recently accused of assaulting his former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, in his motorhome at Dover International Speedway last September. No charges have been brought in the case, but law enforcement officials recently forwarded the results of their investigation to the State’s Attorney for possible action.

France told Motor Racing Network’s NASCAR Live Tuesday that NASCAR will wait for a full airing of the facts before acting.

“We will watch (Busch’s case) carefully and see what happens,” he said. “What we wouldn’t do is try to get out in front a set of facts that hasn’t been determined by the court system. We will be careful in letting a fair process take place.

France added that NASCAR will be more decisive than other professional sports in dealing with the issue, saying, “What leagues might have done in the past won’t be acceptable in the future. We will be no exception there. We will have a strong and bright line and if that is crossed, you can expect us to be very, very aggressive dealing with that.”



    HEY- This is the only thing I agree with coming out of the (INTERVIEW) from our Sports Dictator.

  2. Is NASCAR going to do anything if he only gets "probation" for a first offence? Are they going to act aggressively even if the courts don't? There are so many wishy-washy judges that he could plea deal it NASCAR going to take their cue from the court punishment or the fact that he is innocent or quality?