Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NASCAR Announces New At-Track Merchandise Plan

NASCAR, NASCAR Team Properties and Fanatics have jointly announced a 10-year agreement for the sport’s at-track merchandise business that will deliver fans an enhanced shopping environment. As part of the agreement, Fanatics has acquired exclusive rights from NASCAR and NTP that will make the company the primary retailer of NASCAR, team and driver merchandise at all 38 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race weekends. 
Fanatics, the market leader for officially licensed sports merchandise, powers the e-stores for hundreds of the top sports leagues, teams and schools, including a long history running NASCAR’s e-commerce business,
The new trackside retail model will be phased in at NASCAR events over the course of the 2015 season. It will evolve from using haulers for each specific team or driver to displaying all merchandise in a climate-controlled superstore retail environment supported by, in some instances, smaller satellite retail venues around the track.
The new model will offer fans access to the largest at-track selection of NASCAR merchandise ever, a selection of products that will include a major expansion of women’s and kids’ items, a more functional way to browse, shop and interact with merchandise, separate stores within the main venue for various teams, drivers, memorabilia and collectibles, a dedicated area for driver appearances and an interactive customization center where fans can create their own personalized NASCAR gear.
Fanatics Apparel, the company’s manufacturing and customization division, will also produce merchandise to complement the product lines already offered by authorized licensees. 
“A merchandise center will provide a more personal, organized, comfortable and convenient shopping environment for our fans,” said Steve Phelps, NASCAR executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Partnering with an industry leader in Fanatics allows us to offer a comprehensive and seamless shopping experience for our fans – whether it is in-venue, online or on mobile devices.” 
According to a study conducted by Experian Marketing Services in 2013, NASCAR fans are at least 20 percent more likely than non-fans to notice various types of promotions while shopping, including video monitor displays, signs on merchandise racks or shelves, and advertising on the floor – among others.
“Fanatics is extremely excited to partner with NASCAR and NASCAR Team Properties to greatly expand their at-track retail presence,” said Ross Tannenbaum, president of Fanatics Authentic. “We have taken the time to listen to what the fans, teams, drivers and NASCAR were asking for and look forward to using our market-leading scale, technology and production capabilities to deliver an improved and entertaining shopping experience for years to come.”


  1. That sounds good, but 1 of the things I though so exciting about going to the track was all the merchandise haulers and had like a festive carnival atmosphere.

  2. sad for those trucks drivers and salesmans and womens who were working in the haulers, and they were a big part of the fans experience I think, but maybe its gonna be better ...

  3. Anonymous3:55 PM

    At some tracks, the haulers have been outside the gates, and some they have been inside the gate. Any idea on where the climate-controlled thing they are talking about here will be?

  4. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Lost jobs, lost experiences around the driver's trailers, further isolation from the drivers, higher costs ( they aren't working for free). NASCAR, finding a new way to empty the pockets of fans since Bill Sr. died.

  5. Doug M.9:10 AM

    NHRA has both. Drivers trailers and the big tent. Much better than just the tent, imo.
    Sure seems like a money grab on the surface, but more likely being done for control, and the money is just a bonus.

    Biggest loss for me? I doubt the tent will carry last year's merchandise like the individual trailers do. That always allows my dollars to go farther.