Thursday, March 19, 2015

COMMENTARY: Patricia, Please Stop

Patricia Driscoll published an opinion piece in USA Today Thursday, in which she repeated her now-familiar assertion that she was a victim of domestic assault at the hands of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch last September at Dover International Speedway.

Today’s column broke no new ground, instead rehashing allegations and details that long ago became familiar to NASCAR fans and followers of the case. Instead, she chastised “uninformed observers” for disparaging her honesty, integrity and motivations. She criticized the tabloid media for “playing up the most sensationalist aspects” of the case, conveniently ignoring the fact that the sensationalist information –every bit of it -- has come from Driscoll, Busch or their respective attorneys.

In Driscoll’s latest media missive, she poses a number of questions that readers of USA Today are ill-equipped to answer.

“Will Busch and his legal team drag me through court so that I can leave the relationship with what I brought into it?” she asks. “Will Busch honor the commitments he made while we were together? Will he try to take my house, or fight me on something as basic as reclaiming my belongings?”

Those questions are best addressed to Driscoll’s attorneys, using a forum other than USA Today. In fact, an insistence on continuing to dismantle her personal relationship in public seems disingenuous from a person who insists she is “fully resolved to put this chapter of my life behind me.”

Driscoll continues to air her dirty laundry in public, all while pointedly referring to both Busch and NASCAR by name as often as possible. If she indeed has no interest in destroying Busch’s driving career -- and she steadfastly insists that she does not – the best way to demonstrate that fact would be to move on, settle their differences behind closed doors and put an immediate stop to the public posturing.

Whether you like Patricia Driscoll or not – and there are plenty of folks on either side of that question – her intelligence is beyond debate. She serves as CEO of a multi-million dollar, Washington DC-based surveillance systems corporation that supplies the United States military, and also heads the considerable fundraising efforts of the Armed Forces Foundation.

Ms. Driscoll is justifiably proud of her accomplishments as a businesswoman, philanthropist and advocate for our men and women in uniform. She also takes great pride in raising a son who is – by all indications – an intelligent, compassionate young man.

A woman of her intelligence must surely understand that while continuing to bang the drum against Busch tarnishes his already battered image, it also does the same to hers. She has every right to state her case – over and over again – for as long as she chooses to do so, regurgitating the same allegations and making the same points.

The legal system, however, has said its piece, and no amount of editorializing is going to change its decision.

“Above everything else,” wrote Driscoll today, “I'm a mom who simply will not let my son grow up thinking that it's ever OK to hit a woman.”

The importance of that lesson is clear to all of us. Unfortunately, that lesson is not best taught in the pages of USA Today.


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Amen Godfather. She may truly not be an assassin, but there is definitely enough stuff out there that strongly suggests that she is a character assassin, at all costs. That will not win you anything, even if she was legitimately hit by KB.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    AWESOME MOODY! Thanks! I hope she gets the message! =}

  3. I gave her the benefit of a doubt at first. Now I am beginning to wonder.

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I could care less what she heads, million dollar or not, she's still just another person hell bent on keeping the 15 minutes of fame... otherwise she'd do as you said and go away...

  5. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Well said

  6. Anonymous5:38 PM

    That was an excellent blog. You are right on on all points. The question that makes folks wonder is why it took her so long to report it if indeed it did happen. It is over and done with and if she has questions, she indeed needs to check with her attorney. Amen to this situation and even though I do not personally cheer for KB, I wish him all the best in his future.

  7. Once again..... I agree... She is scorned woman..Nothing more,and all she set out to do was damage Kurt's reputation.
    Dave...Do you have someone else writing your blog...?

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    If anyone doubts what Ms Driscoll is doing, they should read her email to Tony Stewart (here ) in regards to the Ward tragedy.

    Anyone who would suggest "pressuring" Richard Petty in to using the tragic death of an 8 year old boy to influence the media is capable of a lot of very dark things.


    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Thank you for the link. Wow. What a piece of work she is.

  9. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I just wish she would go on with her life and shut the hell up.

  10. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Nice piece Moody! I unfortunately have dealt with abuse myself and I just question from the beginning if it really happened. Just everything and the story didn't make any sense. With her position I would of told someone, had pictures, and had an order of protection and would of done all that in the beginning because if I was so "afraid" I would of wanted to protect myself and my child! And now still talking about it in the news bad mouthing Kurt and now NASCAR that is someone who is just pissed off not someone who was abused. We would move on and be glad to be away from him!!! Now I don't care for Kurt but to lie about that is low!!! So shame on Patricia Driscoll!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous6:45 PM

    She can posture to the press all she wants. I still believe her actions speak louder of a scorned woman than a victim of domestic violence.

  12. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Amen brother !!

    She is destroying herself

  13. Well said Godfather. This needs to be put to bed once and for all

  14. Anonymous7:34 PM

    The more she talks the more damage she does to herself. Be careful, the military watches this kind of thing and she could loose those contracts

  15. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Interesting she would say "will he take my house". Does that imply he bought her a house? And why would she think he may take it? Just because she is trying to ruin his life... Maybe.

  16. I have a bad feeling about Free Speech Friday tomorrow.

  17. Anonymous8:20 PM

    She's a legend in her own mind.

  18. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Another case of someone trying to win in the court of public opinion. If her fears listed in her article come to light, there are plenty of legal avenues she can take to get back what is hers. But, like you have pointed out, Kurt seems to have moved on and so should she.

  19. "Patricia, please stop." Same words Kurt Busch uttered when he tried to get her fo leave his motorhome in Dover. And we all know how that turned out.

  20. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Spot on Dave !

  21. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Dave, this is something that needed to be said. Well done as always.

  22. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Axe meet grinder. She is a woman ignored. How said her life is so horrible she can't let life go on.

  23. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Now she's degrading Nascar. I hope they ban her from entering Speedways. Is that a Cuckoo Clock I hear? ??? Nope..It's Patricia Driscoll. And why does a "trained Assassin" need a restraining order from anybody? It seems to me if KB grabbed her she would have put him down? Your right Moody...she needs to just walk away...move on...

  24. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Amen and thank you!
    Ms. Driscoll just needs to move on with her life, her sons life and her professional life.
    To your point, the legal system has spoken, accept it, respect it and move forward in a positive constructive fashion.
    Based on what I read here and elsewhere, most are tired of this continually being rehashed. It is what it is and lets move on.

  25. Anonymous2:19 AM

    Well Godfather, I guess the pumping up of her and her businesses that the media takes for granted should be under a mircoscope,, why isn't it? Seems some people "in the know" have very different things to say about her and her "business" dealings..including going back to "daddy" paid for this and that for his bratty precocious daughter. I don't believe a thing about her, who has the time..the way she seems to plow thru men and destroy them to do all the things this leech proclaims to do? I doubt her sincerity in anything other than her self minded pursuit of screwing people who she feels did her wrong. Anyone with a brain, can question..."well...if she really wanted to get beyond KUBU why did she go to his trailer, make claims of abuses many weeks after and is not stopping with her public pursuit of destroying Kurt. Does anybody think this might be a opportunity for lazy "journalists" to get off their butts and look into her, and at the very least find something that she can be convicted of? What a horrible and insane women. Please if some people feel the need to give to "charity" hers doesn't deserve your money..she is a figure head and represents where you money goes (if you believe her), I am sure there is more worthy places to donate your money too. I heard the rating of this "charity" is subpar. All IMO, of course.

  26. Anonymous2:27 AM

    From what is known about this woman, she has had very specific problems with men in the past...including her ex husband. And lawsuits abound. She doesn't sound stable and from bits and pieces sounds like the classic princess who doesn't get her way, and look out you are in the crosshairs. The first time she was with Kurt officially and what I heard, as a woman my BS meter went skyrocketing, sad for Kurt (no fan by the way), but happy to know my gut has not and did not fail me. I am also saddened for true victims of DV, she isn't one of them and does them a huge disservice, yet she still clings to her story and still wants her 15 minutes of fame. Most women if they have "that bad experience" run away, Kurt did not seek her out she sought him out, and the insanity just continued from there, and it wasn't Kurt doing to the nutty stuff. I feel bad for her child and ex husband.

  27. Anonymous2:28 AM

    ...I read somewhere that her poor child admitted to family members that Kurt did not hit her.

  28. Anonymous3:47 AM

    My father had a saying. He first said it to me when I was all in a dither because someone was spreading lies about me in school, probably junior high. I had every intention of getting in the face(s) of anyone talking about me.

    "Gossip is like a pile of s**t. The more you stir it, the worse it stinks."

    In other words, it doesn't matter who is stirring the pile. The fact that it is being rehashed makes it stink worse.

    It may seem a good thing to refute or rebut what she has said, but it only prolongs the stench.

  29. Anonymous6:45 AM

    You want a restraining order? How about one from NASCAR? How about you, Patricia Pauline Driscoll, don’t show up at the track anymore and messing with our product, drivers and teams? With this NASCAR restraining order you will be guaranteed not to run into Kurt Busch, ever!! In that way we can be sure you don’t go pounding on doors and breaking in to team member motorhomes at odd hours of the night and get domestically violated being thrown out these homes at the track. That is more effective than any restraining order issue by an appointed family court commissioner, an appointed position. And he is not a Judge, so stop referring to him as one, PPD! He did one thing right, when he said, “more likely than not”, PPD was misusing the system for her own personal agenda. That never gets mentioned by her when she is touting the greatness of this restraining order issued by this commissioner. Something is not right about this girl and every time she airs her stuff in public only makes her look crazy and is an insult to NASCAR and its fans. Please leave and never come back. You have worn out your welcome in this sport. By the way you were his girlfriend, not his wife, so you get nothing when you break up. Take your stuff and leave. Based on charity tax returns in 2012, your AFF charity paid you $194,000 and I am sure it more now. You can afford it. Move out, buy a house and get over it. We are certainly over you!

  30. Anonymous6:46 AM

    You are seriously the best nascar columnist there is. Absolutely LOVE your reads. and yeah this driscoll lady is a moron and needs to move on in life. The best thing I think we could all do is quit talking about her and writing about her. Jus to spite...I hope Busch wins the cup this year! NOW THAT WOULD BE A GREAT COMEBACK STORY TO WRITE ABOUT!

  31. Anonymous8:19 AM

    It is often said that a person's character is revealed by what they do when nobody is looking, and I believe this to be true. I also believe that a lack of character is revealed by what one does when lots of people are looking. Clearly, Ms. Driscoll believes otherwise.

  32. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Great article! Why is nobody addressing the issue the damage done too Kurt Busch's image or career? This man was denied his livelihood for the first 3 races of the season.

  33. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Frontline Defense Systems has 25 employee's. Bloomberg lists it's value as under 100 million and also says that these days Frontline monitoring and maintaining security systems devices such as burglar and fire alarms." Indeed, looking further into the company it's easy to see that this private company is no longer getting government contracts and I predict it won't be long until the company drops Driscoll as CEO as they have went downhill since she took that position. She won't be addressing congress anytime soon that is for sure. If Kurt win's his appeal and the "appointed to office commisioner" who ruled against Kurt despite the evidence to the contrary, has no more say in the matter, then I do hope Kurt goes after everything Driscoll has, which according to Forbes magazine is less than $ 500,000, and sends a message to all women who file false claims against men because they have been dumped. Her USA article makes it plain to see that she was indeed dumped prior to when this all happened. Her main witness, the minister and his wife both testified they saw NO marks, NO signs of abuse, nothing at all, now how can that be if indeed Kurt smashed her head so many times. The woman thought she had a meal ticket for life, then poof, it was gone.

  34. Anonymous9:16 AM

    She is one sad and sick person stuck on revenge plain and simple. I would not trust her to be any where near me .

  35. Anonymous9:17 AM

    And yet the media continues to give her attention.

  36. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Great article! And it seems that she is worried about what he is going to take away from her now. My, how the tables have turned! Nothing left for her to do to Kurt, but karma is a bitch....her fame is going to turn into crap and she will have no one to blame but herself.

  37. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Every time she goes to the press with new comments, she makes her intentions more and more clear. This is fast going under the heading "give her enough rope and she will hang herself".

  38. I thought this was going to be about asking her to please stop editing her photo using an iPhone app. It's pretty obvious. Bless...

  39. Dwayne in Memphis12:32 PM

    I agree 100%, Dave. As one who actually didn't immediately jump on the "Kurt's an angel" bandwagon, and tried to objectively look at this as though she might have been telling the truth, the more she drags this on now that she has her restraining order, the less it looks like she's trying to just protect herself and put it all behind her. He's allowed his appeals just like murderers and petty criminals. I'm not sure what more there is to be gained (beyond self-aggrandizement) by continuing to beat the horse. You have your protection order, so move along and put it behind you.

  40. Anonymous1:21 PM

    All this women has done is to make it even harder for a women that is REALLY being abused to have people believe her!

  41. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Sorry Dave, but Kurt Busch and Patricia Driscoll deserve each other. In NASCAR terms either one could best be described as 'not firing on all cylinders'.

    Far too much press has already been allotted to these two pompous egotists.

  42. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Driscoll's story was full of holes from the get go. Marco Andretti said it best when he called her out.

    Driscoll appears to be intent on ruining the career of Kurt Busch.

    A family court commissioner said that it was "Likely". The Attorney General in DE said there wasn't enough evidence supporting her claim to prosecute Busch.

    The real loser in this entire mess is the unfortunate son of Driscoll.

    Note to Kurt Busch. Kick Butt, win some races and pay no mind to Driscoll.

  43. Anonymous2:36 AM

    What the NASCAR public DOESN'T know about this case is amazing.

    1. The "commissioner's" findings state Driscoll perjured (my Daddy always called that lying) herself yet she was more believable.

    2. There is NO evidence Busch lied under oath.

    3. The photo/photos she provided to Family Court were NEVER matched against the camera by a Forensic expert to determine the day/time stamp left in the camera memory which would have given an accurate timeline of the "alleged" incident.

    4. The leading domestic violence expert in the state of Delaware, Professor Conner, an attorney and law professor shoots many holes in the findings such as lying under oath taints virtually all other testimony.

    5. She also says the "commissioner", Mr Jones used the word "strangle" (17) times in her findings. Driscoll NEVER used strangle in her testimony. She used the word "choke" every time.

    6. In legal terms, "strangle/strangulation" is a medical term a medical examiner uses to determine how someone DIED !!!!!

    7. Did I miss something ? Did someone die in Busch's hauler ? Where's the murder investigation.

    8. Under Delaware law, her entering the hauler uninvited is "Criminal Trespassing" and if convicted, is a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by up to (1) year in state facility.

    9. Under the Protection Order we know what Busch can not do. But, did you know that as long as she has a NASCAR hard card, that she can go in the garage and stand right outside his garage stall and she is NOT doing anything wrong according to the PFA order ? Strange but true.

    10. If you write to the Armed Forces Foundation and request the IRS forms they submit as a non profit which they must provide you will see their revenue increased by 45% from 2011-2014 while a certain someone was supporting them by shutting down his foundation and supporting hers.

  44. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Your 15 minutes is long over Patricia. Shut up.

  45. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Seems like this is her M/O. Find a dead horse and beat the hell out of it. I'm "more likely than not" to believe Kurt's side of what went down at this point.

    I can see being personally involved with this type of aggressor would be exasperating. I can see wanting to leave the situation, and her not letting that happen.

    This mirrors the tactics she encouraged Tony Stewart's people to use after Kevin Ward's death. Saturate the media. Manipulate the story in your favor.

    There is no length to which she is not willing to go. And as far as whether or not Kurt desrves to have this protective order against him, she is making a case publicly for him to need one from her. I wonder if the judge that granted her that has been following along her trail of trash and reconsidering...

    She needs to gess her mouth back to D.C. where it belongs with all the other scum. Ms. Driscoll, please shut the hell up and go away. You're embarrassing yourself.

  46. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I have heard over and over that we cannot debate her intelligence, she is the head of a multi-million dollar industry, She is also the spokesperson for the Armed Forces Foundation. I would say everyone should take a step back and think about this....this woman has not shown a great intellect through this ordeal. She has influence....and I think this should be investigated. Her influence has some huge power to put her in these spots.....she is proud to brag on her ability to manipulate situations and circumstances.....this is a trait...where did it come from. She is relentless in her pursuit of what? This is more than a woman scorned.....there is a much bigger story here. I don't think the news-media has taken this far enough....She as bragged in the article noted above that she has helped politicians get out of trouble that may have not been legal....I would take her at her word and explore that story......she is using mind control for the government...she is like the gift that keeps on giving. I say take her at her word and start exploring her statements. She made's time to hold her accountable, and if she's telling the truth...maybe clean up a little bit of politics along the way.

  47. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I can debate her intelligence. Her friends who are on her twitter page have created bogus twitter pages with the sole purpose to chastise Kurt about the case. They are repeating the lies that she has printed in the bought Google Ads about her case.

    They claim the are advocates for women's rights and against violence and then follow up with a tweet to Kurt's new Girlfriend's twitter page about sexual related and harassing matters. These are grown men and yet they don't get it. This is the kind of intelligence and maturity that her and her friends have in this world. No this is not an intelligent woman.