Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Walker Arrested After Arriving Late For Sentencing

Tyler Walker simply cannot get out of his own way.

The former NASCAR and World of Outlaws Sprint Car driver was scheduled to appear in Washington County (Utah) District Court Monday morning for sentencing on charges related to a January 2013 high-speed chase that led police through Nevada, Arizona and Utah at speeds of over 140 mph. Officials discovered quantities of methamphetamine, marijuana and alcohol in his black BMW, and he eventually pled guilty to a pair of felonies -- possession of a controlled substance and failure to stop for a police officer -- as well as misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while impaired and an open container violation.

Walker was expected to receive probation for those charges yesterday, but failed to appear for sentencing, prompting Judge Eric Ludlow to issue a warrant for his arrest. He arrived at the courthouse approximately 45 minutes later and was immediately taken into custody. We will remain incarcerated in the Washington County jail until his next sentencing hearing, scheduled for March 30.

Washington County prosecutor Rachelle Shumway told The Associated Press yesterday that Walker’s agreement to receive probation in exchange for his guilty pleas could now be in doubt.

Walker competed in 28 races in NASCAR’s Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series before being suspended indefinitely in 2007 for failing a NASCAR-mandated substance abuse test. He has never applied for reinstatement.


  1. I remember seeing a young Tyler Walker compete in the World of Outlaws. He was a breath of fresh air in the sport at that time, driving the No. 10 to several victories. I wish he could get his life straightened out, and maybe a few days in jail can serve as a wake-up call. I just hope it's not too late for him to get his act together and on the right path. Couldn't care less if he drives another racecar, this isn't about that.

  2. When drugs can interfere with the life of someone who has so much going for them it's easy to see how people have trouble getting away from them when there's not that much waiting for them.

  3. Wayne2:08 PM

    And why does this make news?

    1. Because it's my blog and I say it does, Wayne. Any further questions?