Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Century Poll – March 2015

Each month during the racing season, The Century Poll asks members of the NASCAR community a question based on NASCAR racing, then compiles the results in an effort to determine what racing insiders think about that month’s topic, issue or compelling question.

The voting panel for The Century Poll is made up of 100 voters -- 50 from the NASCAR media corps and 50 from the NASCAR garage, consisting of team owners, drivers, crew chiefs, crew members, sponsor/public relations/manufacturing representatives and track officials.

March’s question was: After running three distinct track lengths so far this season – one-mile (Phoenix), one-and-a-half mile (Atlanta and Las Vegas) and two-mile (Fontana) -- what early-season grade would you give the 2015 Sprint Cup rules package?

The voters gave solid marks across the board, with the garage panel giving a slightly higher grade than the media; with an average difference of just 0.16.

While both constituencies gave three As and one D each, the major difference came in the middle of the curve. While garage members gave six more B-plus grades than media members, the latter group awarded three more Bs and seven more B-minuses. 

Of those that added a comment, three statements rang through.

(1)   NASCAR should be applauded for making moves to improve racing.
(2)   While there has not been a big difference in the racing so far, the more teams work with this package the better the racing will get.
(3)   The in-car track bar adjuster has been a positive addition.

Voting Breakdown
                        G          M         T
   A+  (98)         1         0         1
   A  (95)           0         1         1
   A-  (92)          2         2         4
   B+  (88)         15         9         24
   B  (85)           14         17         31
   B-  (82)          4         11         15
   C+  (78)         6         5         11
   C  (75)           6         2         8
   C-  (72)          1         2         3
   D  (65)           1         1         2
   F  (60)            0         0         0
   Average    83.50   83.34   83.42

   Key:  G = Garage vote, M = Media vote, T = Total

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  1. I've been waiting for the racing to improve for years... Still waiting...