Thursday, March 05, 2015

Driscoll's Attorney Says Ruling "Changes Nothing"

Patricia Driscoll
Patricia Driscoll and her attorney have weighed-in on today’s decision by the Delaware Department of Justice not to file criminal domestic violence charges against Kurt Busch, saying it is no indication of Busch’s innocence.

While I respect the process, I am disappointed that full justice was not served here,” said Driscoll in a written statement. “My family and I take a measure of solace in the Order of Protection From Abuse granted by commissioner Jones, who ruled my account of the facts was the most credible. 
“At great risk to my personal and professional reputation, I have spoken candidly, at length and on the record, to a variety of outlets in an effort to correct the distortions and sensationalism that have unfortunately marked the coverage of this painful time in my family’s life. I would urge anyone covering this case to stick to the well-established facts. Giving further air to baseless and discredited accusations about me does a disservice to the public and reduces a serious matter for law enforcement into tabloid gossip.   

“In all future developments in this case, I will continue to stand up for my integrity and for justice. But for now, I am focused on my family, my friends, and my important and gratifying work with the Armed Forces Foundation.  

Mark Dycio
Driscoll’s attorney, Mark Dycio, criticized today’s announcement, saying “the decision from the Delaware Attorney General does not deny that the assault occurred, and indicates only that the state’s attorneys lack confidence in their ability to get a criminal conviction. It changes nothing about the established facts of the case. 

“Mr. Busch testified in open court that he squeezed Patricia’s face, and admitted to police that he slammed her head against the wall in the process,” said Dycio. “Given that these admissions establish an assault took place, and that police recommended Mr. Busch be prosecuted, it seems impossible that the attorney general’s office made this decision on burden of proof grounds.   

“It would be unfortunate, and a terrible precedent for victims of abuse, if the prospect of inviting a media circus fueled by Mr. Busch’s wealth, notoriety, and hostile PR team in any way swayed this decision.  

“We are comforted at least in the knowledge that the judge who did hear the evidence found clear reason to believe Busch committed the assault, and granted the protective order to Patricia and her family.” 


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    You both need to be held accountable for fabricating lies! Kurt and his lawyer should be charging the two of you with slander and defamation of character charges! And Ms. Driscoll should be banned from all NASCAR sanctioned events! She needs medical intervention! Kurt needs a restraining order protecting him from her!

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      But She did WIN , because without any charges against him & just HER word she has destroyed his career & gotten her revenge...Makes ya think about hooking up with some people. All she had to do was say (even months later) it & success & in the mean time she managed to lie in a custody battle & win. This girl is the poster child for Bad Mother, as who would put their child in this situation (on the night & then this fiasco) ...No I'm definitely not a busch fan but the lawsuits should be flying all over the place on this one...Earner

  2. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Mark Dycio is either a liar or an incompetent fool.

    The person who heard the case is not a Judge. He is an appointed Commissioner whose orders are subject to review by Family Court JUDGES.

    For Dycio to say " that police recommended Mr. Busch be prosecuted" is the exact opposite of everything written to this point including "The Dover Police Department originally investigated Driscoll’s complaint but elected to send its findings to the Delaware Attorney General with no recommendation." That quote can be found in the next-to-last paragraph in this article:

  3. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I don't remember Kurt ever saying he slammed her head against the wall. Does anybody?

  4. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Kurt should have a lawsuit against nascar they jumped to make a statement he was never even charged they treated it as guilty until proven innocent. B.S

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Mr. Dycio is a paid spokesman for Ms. Driscoll so his opinion isn't worth the paper it's written on. NASCAR dropped the ball on this one. Yes, NASCAR is a private organization but they are not allowed to set rules and regulations that violate the rule of law that has always been "innocent until proven guilty". Now NASCAR citing their "Actions Detrimental to Stock Car Racing" is the equivalent of being pulled over for "weaving". Kurt should sue NASCAR and get them into a real court of law where they couldn't hide behind "we're not taking any questions at this time".

    1. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Gene Haas should sue as well.

  6. Anonymous8:04 PM

    This whole thing is a shame.....I don't know either one so I cannot verify their character...but from what I've seen....I can't think I would trust either one of them. None of the stories make any sense at all...yet they are both sticking to their stories. No question Kurt has a bad temper.....he has displayed it time and time again.But this lady pursued him anyway? and she is an educated person. Why? Was it really true love? Did he win your heart? Is he a better man than he plays on TV?

  7. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Everything about this is entirely predictable.The attorneys for each side spout their talking points, and the fans rush to the defense of their hero. My like it was when a famous ex football player was accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Emotions.

  8. TheNASCARJeff10:30 AM

    I believe her... The next time ( and there will be a next time) Kurt blows up at someone or has radio chatter of an insane person remember that he says he didnt do it.

    1. Anonymous12:33 AM

      If you bel her, then you're just as dumb and delusional as her attorney.

  9. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Why isn't anybody investigating this woman? The whole persona of her always seemed off, and this purported incident seals the deal, imo. Women set out to destroy a man (because they can) and they are NEVER held accountable whether it is via social standings or the courts. Why do they always get a pass? Bad business all around. And for the record I am a female, and I question her "parenting skills" as well everything about her. Just my opinion.

  10. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Kurt will hang himself again in due time just like he always does. Mark my words

  11. Anonymous10:56 AM

    It is amazing how much mileage she is getting out of this case. It is amazing how she has made such a big deal of the protective order like it is something for a judge when it is not, it comes from a commissioner in family court. The purpose of a protective it give everyone a time out and tell everyone, "stay away from each other and it you don't you go to jail for violating it." The commissioner also said it was “more likely than not”, misusing the system for her own personal agenda. She doesn’t mention that part of the opinion written by that commisioner…LOL.

    So a protective order is not about guilt or Innocence, it is a temporary time out until all the data is sorted out by the District Attorney determines whether of not a crime has been committed or not. Is this the DA declined to file charges because there was not proof.

    The sad thing is she doesn't tell anyone that and tells anyone who reads her bought interviews via Google he was found guilty by a judge because of the protective order.

    She is a liar and someone should investigate the Form 990's of this charity. She has turning into the Patricia Driscoll slush fund and party fund. Double rents are paid for the same property, excessive costs for Galas, and most is lost when attempts to raise funds. Once the bigger contributors start leaving, the charity will implode. The salaries for the group is excessive and funding is drying up. On top of that Frontline Defense Systems hasn't had a government contract since early 2012. The charity is her mode of income and with Kurt ditching her and her bad mouthing NASCAR, her source of major funding will be gone soon. Good riddance!