Friday, April 03, 2015

Bristol Latest Track To Add New SAFER Barriers

Bristol Motor Speedway Executive Vice President and General Manager Jerry Caldwell issued a statement today announcing the installation of additional SAFER barriers at the speedway. 

“The safety of our fans and competitors continues to be a focal point for Bristol Motor Speedway,” said Caldwell. “SMI engineers and NASCAR reevaluated the track and made additional recommendations. We’ve been able to secure an additional 600 feet of SAFER barriers and will complete the build out of the front and backstretch outside walls before the Food City 500 race weekend.”


  1. How narrow does that make the racing surface? Enough to change the way it races?

  2. Dwayne in Memphis1:31 PM

    It's like 60' wide on the straights and 75' wide in the turns. The soft walls are only 30" deep - You'll never notice that 2.5' unless someone smacks it coming out of the corner Darlington-style.

  3. Safer barriers have been in the turns at Bristol for several years now. People who claim safer barriers don't work at short tracks are ignorant.