Thursday, April 02, 2015

Gappens Pleads Guilty To Indecent Exposure

New Hampshire Motor Speedway General Manager Jerry Gappens pleaded guilty Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to a charge of indecent exposure.
The Manchester (NH) Union Leader reports today that Gappens will pay a $500 fine and continue with psychological counseling after police observed him engaged in a sexual act with 19-year old Kendra Johnson in Gappens' vehicle, parked behind a local Nursing Home.

Neither Gappens nor Johnson admitted exchanging money, and Gappens was charged only with lewdness, rather than solicitation of prostitution.

Speedway Motorsports, Inc., parent company of New Hampshire Motor Speedway, has not commented on Gappens’ arrest, or on his future with the organization.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    I spoke to you today about NASCAR needing to let people know the exact details of the RCR tire scandal. Your reply was "that wouldn't be fair". Have no idea what the hell you meant by that as you didn't elaborate. If all we got to read was the headline of the above post, one would probably assume Gappen was running around with his willy hanging out. That's why it is important for NASCAR to be "transparent" especially after charging, trying, banging the gavel and declaring RCR cheated. It would be nice to know to what degree did they cheat? Only then could I answer some of the questions you ask like "is the penalty severe enough?" How the hell would I know without the details?

    1. Not sure what your question has to do with the above story, but I'll answer it anyway. What I said was, "It would not be fair to release the details AT THIS TIME." Neither NASCAR nor RCR gain anything from trying this case in the media. The case will be heard on appeal first, before any specifics are released. And as far as YOU knowing the details, at this point in time, you are not a priority. Allowing RCR to fairly plead its case on appeal is the #1 priority.

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Not that you need me to back you up, you do a great job on your own….But I did hear you say exactly that on your show and on this and many other topics. After the appeal and the process is over, then it would be appropriate to report the facts.
    This would be my comment to everyone including me… media is abuzz with rumors every day. People want information and are satisfied with the amount of incomplete information given on many of these post sights. I am worried about the example we are setting for our young people when we not only stand for inadequate news reporting, we encourage it. We need to expect more from the people delivering news and people paid to comment on it.
    I applaud you and NASCAR for always taking the high road in these situations. I respectfully do not necessarily share your view with one point. You appear to have a very black and white definition of cheating…..I still believe there is a gray area and the technicians are there to find it. I do not know all of the facts in this case, but I do know this….when a team takes a risk; they are accountable for the outcome. They knew going in what the risk was….if the still continued to go forward…I’m thinking they felt they could explain it if given the opportunity. I look forward to their explanation.