Thursday, October 04, 2012

Busch Apologizes For Dover Comments

Busch called his comments "very misguided."
Kyle Busch, Lee White, Joe Gibbs, and Ed Laukes have issued written statements today regarding the conclusion of last Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway.

“I made some remarks out of frustration on my radio at the end of last weekend's race in Dover that were very misguided,” said Busch. “I owe my friends at Toyota and TRD an apology.  We have a great partnership with TRD and they built me a motor that helped me lead over 300 laps and nearly lap the field.  It's just frustrating that the caution fell where it did and suddenly it became a fuel mileage race and we were set up for maximum horsepower. Obviously, that worked well for most of the day and you can't control when the cautions will fall. 

"I think we have a great partnership with TRD and we will continue to communicate with them on what our team is looking for.  I'm looking forward to getting down to Talladega this weekend and focusing on the race." 

White, President and General Manager of Toyota Racing Development USA, said, “We understand Kyle's passion for racing -- and winning.  At TRD and Toyota, we have that same zeal for racing -- and winning.  We were disappointed with Kyle's post-race comments from Dover -- a race that he dominated.  Kyle's had a frustrating year with several car and engine mechanical failures which were not his responsibility, and we're working extremely hard on our end to improve our products and processes.  We will continue to address these issues, but we're ready to put this behind us and move forward with the remainder of the season, including the Toyota drivers battling for the championship."

Gibbs: "We have a great relationship with Toyota"
Team owner Joe Gibbs sounded a conciliatory tone, as well, saying, “We have a great relationship with Toyota and obviously they are a major part of everything we do at Joe Gibbs Racing.  Toyota is first class in every aspect of their company and they share our passion for winning.  It has been a frustrating season for Kyle in many ways when you think about some of the issues we've had with that 18 team this year and obviously some of those frustrations carried over to his finish last week in Dover.  We were able to lead over 300 laps, but unfortunately the cautions didn't fall our way and certainly you can understand the frustration of having to give up the lead late in the race. 
"However, Kyle recognizes that his comments and the tone of his comments were misguided.  We've been able to work through this issue and I think everyone is ready to get back to the focus being on racing and Talladega." 

Ed Laukes, Vice President of Marketing Communications & Motorsports for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. said of the incident, “We've had a fabulous relationship with Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing over the last five years.  Kyle is a talented driver who wins races and can compete for championships, and he is a very important part of the Toyota brand.  We look forward to a long-term relationship with Kyle and Joe Gibbs Racing for years to come."


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Let the spin begin

  2. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Ummm, it would seem more genuine if he'd apologized on Sunday or Monday. Not AFTER Lee White spoke for TRD. Why does he keep putting his foot in his mouth?

  3. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Kyle is top notch go get em racer and lives to win.

    My hero Stub Fadden told me a long time ago. "winning isnt everything wanting to is."

    Go Kyle

  4. Anonymous7:58 PM

    If you think that's the end of it there is some ocean front property in Valdosta, GA I'd like to talk to you about.

  5. Tony in NY10:15 PM

    Here's hoping he's grown even a little bit more from this.

  6. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Kyle Busch needs to grow up and learn RESPECT for other people. It is obvious to me that he never learned respect for other people when he was growing up. I don't think that he even respects himself

  7. I have felt from the start this was overblown. Where was the media piling on when Denny Hamlin was obviously upset last year after multiple engine failures. People deal with situations differently. Some internalize, some have outbursts. Kyle has always had outbursts and if it wasn't for network TV going out of the way to find and air this, it would be a moot point.

    It's not really to me any different than a driver questioning the ancestry of another after an altercation on the radio.

    Like Kyle I have questioned the wisdom of JGR going out of house to do engines from the moment it was announced. Is it any coincidence that as soon as they did this, their otherwise bulletproof Nationwide engine program would suffer multiple engine failures this year as well?

    Kyle can be a jerk sometimes. I accept that as a Kyle Busch fan. Don't always agree with his actions or words, but this didn't strike me as a big deal at all. It actually registered as less than nothing as far as I am concerned. Kind of like when Gordon said he'd wreck Earnhardt if he cut him off again at Michigan. Had Kyle blasted TRD after he got out of the car, then you'd have something.

  8. I knew Stub Fadden, and Kyle Busch is no Stub Fadden.

  9. Geosez11:11 AM

    Oh good. Another fill-in-the-blank "apology" cranked out by the PR team. Especially in this political season, I'm just sick and tired of the artifice. (for you dictionary-challenged folks out there, "artifice" is a polite way to say "bulls&*t")