Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Richardson Races For Bryson's FUEL

Friday night, the NASCAR Nationwide Series takes to the track at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the home track of Mooresville native Bryson Smith. Five-year-old Smith will have an experience like no other, watching “his” race car being driven on-track by Robert Richardson Jr.  

Richardson learned about Bryson and his fight with childhood cancer recently, and offered his car as a rolling billboard to promote Bryson's FUEL, supporting children like Bryson who are combatting childhood cancer. The car’s orange paint scheme will be adorned with handprints of children fighting the disease, with memorial handprints honoring those who have lost their battle.  

"The greatest part of the car that Robert Richardson and R3 Motorsports are running for FUEL is that it's not just a car for them,” said Bryson’s mother, Heather Smith. “These guys are excited for our kids and about what this car stands for. 

"All of this was Robert's idea. He offered to do this for us months ago and we got to pick the Charlotte race, since it is our home track. This car shows our kids that we are making people aware of what they are going through, each and every day. Robert and his family and crew are wonderful people that feel like family to us!" 

"I have always wanted to make my car more personable,” said Richardson. “After doing previous work for children with cancer, doing this for FUEL means a lot. Our guys are pumped and really looking forward to this race.”

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  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Robert Richardson was/is amazing. He took part in everything with this car, he showed total love and gave attention to each kid that showed up to put their hand print on this car. And, when it was time to go home, he asked his crew to help finish cutting hand prints out and getting them on the car. And, they did. And they smiled and talked and I am so proud to know him and to see there is still great people who do unselfish things for others. Heather Smith is amazing as well. I hope everyone appreciates what this car means.