Monday, October 15, 2012

Group Renews Effort To Save North Wilkesboro

STS Motorsports Inc. announced today that they will once again begin work to save North Wilkesboro Speedway, following its closure following a $100,000-to-win Super Late Model event in 2011. While previous efforts to save the speedway have been met with what STS called “pitfalls and mismanagement,” the group has decided to reopen the issue and ask the community for help.

“In the past, no one has asked the community what they thought and how things could be done,” said Robert Marsden, founder STS Motorsports Inc.. “We seemed to see people come in with grand ideas that fizzled out over time, while disenfranchising the motorsports community as a whole.”

As part of its renewed effort, STS Motorsports Inc. will begin a donation campaign asking racing fans to donate to the cause. In return, contributors will receive race tickets, pit passes get their name on a race, or drive the pace car during an event at North Wilkesboro, once the donation campaign reaches it goal.

“We will use our grassroots skills to bring the message to race fans, giving them a return on their investment to lease and reopen North Wilkesboro Speedway” said group spokesman Steven B. Wilson. Fans and businesses interested in donating can find information  on the campaign at

The campaign will kick off using social media, word of mouth and help from the community hoping to see North Wilkesboro Speedway reopened. Additional information can be found on STS Motorsports website at, on Twitter at @savethespeedway and on Facebook at


  1. Schreib4:56 PM

    After the success of Rockingham, one has to wonder if the success rate for "forgotten" tracks has hope. When I think of N. Wilkesboro, it harkins back to the early 90's, like Rudd and Earnhardt going for a spin, Brett Bodines only win, and if im not mistaken ol' DW won his first race as a second time car owner there, in Western Auto colors. I hope N. Wilkes will be saved, and maybe one day entertain Trucks or Nationwide cars!

  2. Trucks and the Modified Tour are about the most North Wilkesboro can hope for - provided the track indeed is reopened.

  3. If this group has to rely on public donations to get the track open again, then their chances for long term success are slim to none, and slim just left town.

    The only way I see this track as a viable option in the future would be if someone (or group) already has the cash in place to fix up the place and operate at a lost for a couple of seasons while the track finds it way back into the racing community.

    I'd love to see this track back in action, but I don't see a plan that will work here.

  4. Scott7:21 PM

    This effort has gotten a TON of press the last 3 days, over 12,000 new likes on their facebook page, PLUS a sirius radio interview. After all that exposure, less than $700 has been raised of their 'goal' of $250,000. That's horrible. I donated $10 just because I was able to attend in 2010 & loved it. As much as I want the track to re-open, IT NEEDS TO be re-opened with management that HAS money. What's next? A racing team to run the full cup schedule funded by fans? Oh wait...R.I.P. America's Racing Team