Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chevrolet Says Battery Pack Caused Pace Car Fire

Chevrolet has issued a statement in the aftermath of last night's Pace Car fire at Daytona International Speedway.

“During the closing laps of the NASCAR Sprint Unlimited race, the pace car experienced a fire in the trunk area, which contains a purpose-built auxiliary electrical kit to operate the numerous caution lights during the race,” said the written statement. “The pace car driver and passenger safely exited the vehicle. An assessment is underway.”

The incident occurred prior to the final 20-lap segment of the race, as the Pace Car led the field toward the DIS Superstretch. Smoke and flames began billowing from the right-rear trunk area of the car, and driver Brett Bodine – himself a former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver – immediately pulled the car off the track and to the attention of nearby fire crews.

The blaze was quickly extinguished with only minor damage to the car.

"You think you've seen it all, and then you see that,” said driver Brad Keselowski afterward. "I saw the whole back half of the car was on fire. I thought it was a race car. Someone said it was the pace car and I couldn't help but start laughing. We've seen (fallen) wires, we've seen jet dryers, I don't even know what to expect for the 500. It's just never-ending.”

NASCAR quickly rolled out a new Pace Car, and the event resumed with only a momentary delay. Bodine and his passenger NASCAR official Buster Auton, were uninjured.

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  1. The last time I remember the pace car getting beaten up like this was the 1995 Humminbird 500 Busch Series race at Talladega when the primary pace car was knocked out by debris from the Randy LaJoie-Robbie Reiser melee. When you thought you'd seen it all - you see it again.