Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lagasse Lands Daytona NNS Ride

Daytona International Speedway will see hometown driver Scott Lagasse Jr. in action in the DRIVE4COPD 300 on Saturday, February 22, as part of a joint effort between RAB Racing and TeamSLR.

Lagasse will be carrying an important message for the fans in the state of Florida on his No. 29 Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow Toyota Camry. The 'Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow' initiative began in 2011 with the goal of increasing awareness and decreasing crashes, injuries and fatalities of bicyclists and pedestrians in the state of Florida. As part of the Florida DOT's focused initiative, the 'Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow' campaign is being presented via television, radio, social media, transit advertising, and through local education and enforcement activities. The message that 'Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident' is a reminder for all roadway users to pay attention and follow the rules of the road.
Specific tips for reducing pedestrian and bicycle fatalities include:
·         Pedestrians: Always use the crosswalk and look both ways before crossing
·         Motorists: Stop before turning right on red and always yield to pedestrians
·         Bicyclists: Make yourself visible and always signal your intentions so drivers know what to expect
·         Everyone: Pay attention to the road, every time, every trip

"Driving the Alert Today Alive Tomorrow Car at Daytona is a great opportunity for TeamSLR to partner with RAB Racing and FDOT," said Lagasse. "I look forward to working with Robby Benton and crew chief Matt Lucas on the No. 29 Toyota Camry.  I am excited to partner with FDOT to spread the word and remind everyone of the dangers for pedestrians and bicycles on the road. We can all help reduce deaths if we stay alert and pay attention. Please join me in making a difference."

The Boy Scouts of America will continue their involvement and support of Lagasse and TeamSLR for 2014, beginning at Daytona where he will make his 56th NASCAR Nationwide Series start. The DRIVE4COPD 300 at Daytona will also be the first event for crew chief Matt Lucas at RAB Racing.

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