Friday, March 16, 2012

Earnhardt Says NASCAR Should Not Share EFI Info With Teams

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said today that he would rather not share Electronic Fuel Injection data with other teams.

NASCAR has promised to distribute a limited amount of the data it acquires through EFI mapping with race teams this season, allowing them to see at least part of what the competition is doing on the track each week. Earnhardt cautioned that the sanctioning body should move slowly and deliberately in determining how to use its newfound wealth of information.

Junior wants more privacy in NASCAR

I'd rather not have that," he said of NASCAR’s information sharing. "It would benefit (us) to be able to see that, but I think it’s a slippery slope. Fuel injection brings the ability… to see data that we've never been able to see before. I think we should ease into how we use that data, and how NASCAR allows us to use that data.” He said his main concern is to “not to upset the culture of the sport, or how things have worked in the past.

"I think if we take this new door that has been opened to us and abuse it, it might not be good for the sport,” said Earnhardt. “I think it's better for competition for everybody to have a few secrets.”

That desire for secrecy apparently extends to NASCAR’s weekly drivers’ meetings, as well. NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver said last Sunday’s “Open To The Public” Drivers’ Meeting at Las Vegas Motor Speedway “didn't serve its purpose” and allow drivers and crew chiefs to receive their instructions for the event.

“I don't like it," said Earnhardt of the new trend toward public meetings. "I like the driver's meeting to be with the drivers and the crew chiefs, and about the race. It has become less and less about that.

“It has to be cool for a fan to be able to have that kind of access, (but) I think there is probably a way to give them that kind of access without going to the lengths they went to at Vegas. I couldn't see those video screens. I couldn't pay attention to what was going on. So, the meeting to me didn't serve its purpose.”

Rockingham Speedway President Andy Hillenburg announced this week that Drivers’ Meeting for the April 15 “Good Sam Roadside Assistance 200 Presented by Cheerwine” will also be open to fans.


  1. some one should remind him that its because of us fans why he has a job as a driver and supports the sponsors on his car

    1. Seriously? And just what does your being a fan and supporting his sponsors have anything to do with what goes on in a DRIVERS meeting? It is not a drivers/fan meeting.

    2. Really? Wow. These comment sections bring out the most uneducated "fans". For crying out loud, we as fans are allowed access to dam near every square foot and allowed access to private audio and everything in between. Its a freakin official meeting! Not a dam rock concert. Next thing you know you guys are gonna bitch about not being granted access to jimmie johnsons motorcoach while he changes a diaper! Its called a "drivers" meeting for a reason. Its a privilege, not a right, period.

  2. I am a fan, and I feel the driver's meeting should not be open to the public. There are things the fans don't need to know. They are not the ones who will benefit from going to those meetings, and if they are going to continue this program, the drivers should have the option of attending or not attending. They also could have the driver's meeting just prior to opening the doors for the public, then maybe it would work.

  3. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by a fan being present at these meetings other than a glimpse of their fav driver. This meeting is and should remain for drivers & crew chiefs. There are some places fans still should not be allowed regardless of what they think their price of admission gives them

  4. Kay Jones4:49 PM

    like jr. said he couldn't pay attention to the meeting and didn't get anything out of it, for safety reasons and rule changes they all need to be able to concentrate on the speaker at the meeting. Fans should not intrude on driver meetings, they have so much access to the drivers now that I don't think they need to be there at the meetings.

  5. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Want some cheese with that whine Jr.? 'bout time you stopped complaining about the fans and everything else and started R-A-C-I-N like you used to. Next you'll tell us that your too busy to be signing autographs....want to be invisible like the rest of the guys in the bottom third of the lineup every week, keep whining.

    Doug from NJ

    1. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Jr has every right to make his opinion known, he may not be the best driver or win the most, but he is very respected by the other drivers, and he usually has the same opinion os the other drivers, but he isn't afraid to voice it, unlike other drivers. Also, last I checked he is 6th in points, very far off from the bottom third. Maybe get off the Jr hate bus and come to grips with your own whining.

  6. If NASCAR allows fans in the DRIVER's meetings, fans should be allowed in the locker room at half time at all major sports. I mean come on it's because of us fans the players are able to get paid right? NOT!!!!! I say let the drivers decide on this one.

  7. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Last time I checked I was a fan, not a driver, crew member or race official. We, as fans, get almost unprecedented coverage and access to our sport and competitors. Let them focus and prepare when they need to. As for data sharing by NASCAR... Please don't.. To quote Syndrome from " The Incredibles" When everybody is super, then no one is.

    Brendan in NJ

  8. Anonymous11:09 PM

    I completely agree with JR, The mapping of the fuel injection will give any advantage a team my able obtain out to the rest of the teams, Racing has always been about the unfair advantage.
    Drivers meetings need to be kept away from the public. the meetings are basically like a family meeting. case in point is if you Father had somthing to say he wouldnt allow you friend little Bobby to be there and you wouldn't want little Bobby there anyways. What if you had something to say,,, you would not say it if somebody was there. for safty reasons no to the public drivers meetings.

  9. I agree with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on both subjects. First the EFI data would be better kept a secret for now at least. Each team doesn't need to know what the other teams are doing.

    And the drivers' meeting is not for fans, but rather its for the drivers and crew chief and that's it.

    I was actually invited to the drivers meeting back at New Hampshire in 2009, but I declined, I didn't feel it was my place (as a media/blogger member that day) to attend. And I didn't want to get into anybody's way.

    But since NASCAR wants to change things, how about NASCAR fix the broken inspection process and appeals process including disclosing to the fans exactly why the team was penalized. The #48 Hendrick/Knaus Daytona penalty is a black-eye for the sport. Just saying...