Thursday, March 08, 2012

RFR Employees Driving Ford Exec's Personal Car

Jamie Allison won't be driving his Mustang for a while.
When an NHL team wins the Stanley Cup, each player receives an opportunity to take the coveted trophy home to share with family and friends. When Ricky Stenhouse Jr., won the 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series Championship, Ford’s Jamie Allison had a similar idea.

Unlike the Stanley Cup, however, his trophy can be driven.

Allison, Director of Ford North America Motorsports, promised to do something special for the crew at Roush Fenway Racing to celebrate the team’s 2011 Nationwide title. On February 1, he surprised the team by delivering his personal, special-edition Boss 302 Ford Mustang to the Roush Fenway Racing shop, offering every full-time employee a chance to drive the limited-edition car for a night, or a weekend. Employees have been encouraged to document their travels with the car, and their photos and videos are being posted on various social networking sites for fans to share.

Fans can track Allison’s Mustang on Twitter; @roushfenway #wherestheboss, on the Roush Fenway Racing Facebook page and on RFR’s Google+ page.


  1. What a uniquely cool idea. The use of social media to document is an added value. Kudos to him,Ford & RFR organization on this effort. Everyone else should take notes on this as this type of fan interaction can only be a positive for the sport

  2. Michael in SoCal10:37 AM

    Very cool to allow the crew guys some time to take the car too. Those guys deserve it.