Thursday, March 08, 2012

RAB's Benton "Committed To Kenny Wallace."

RAB Racing with Brack Maggard co-owner Robby Benton said this week that he remains committed to racing in the NASCAR Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series.  Benton’s Nationwide Series driver, veteran Kenny Wallace, revealed recently that he has sponsorship for only five races in RAB’s No. 09 Toyota, and that Benton would be forced to “sell the ride” to drivers with sponsorship if no additional backing was found.

RAB Racing co-owner Robby Benton
Benton took exception to those comments, telling SB Nation that Wallace was “making me and our race team look (unprofessional) and trying to get people to feel sorry for him.” Benton insisted his team is not broke, but needs new marketing partners to continue operating in the black.  “We're one of the best bargains in the garage," said Benton, “and we still can't sell it. So… I've got to make some tough decisions."

Benton issued an additional statement this week, saying, "We are committed to our current driver, Kenny Wallace, for as many events that we can find sponsorship for. Although we are facing an immediate lack of sponsorship over the next few races, we are fortunate to have events sponsored later in the season with Kenny as the driver.

“We, as a team, have committed to keep Kenny in our #09 Toyota for the next few races, regardless of sponsorship,” said Benton. “Should substantial progress in our sponsorship hunt not be made, we will get to a point that we may (need) to pair up with someone who has aligned themselves with a sponsor…”

Wallace is listed as driver of RAB’s unsponsored No. 09 Toyota for this weekend’s “Sam’s Town 300” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


  1. I heard his interview on sirius speedway and i don't think he was trying to make anyone look unprofessional or feel sorry for him. He was simply stating how tough it was to secure sponsorship and how much he REALLY wanted to race for a championship this year. As a matter of fact he praised the team for how good they were running.

  2. Thanks Mr. Benton. I know I appreciate your comments And all that you're doing for Kenny. I think it was Kenny's way of trying to drum up some money. This is this NASCAR nobody knows what's coming up around next turn. Good luck to both of you

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Benton didn't say (unprofessional) in the SB article. Benton said Kenny made him and his team look like Asshats.

  4. "we may (need) to pair up with someone who has aligned themselves with a sponsor..." Isn't that pretty much what Kenny said might happen?