Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smith Confirms Changes Will Be Made at Bristol

SMI Chairman Bruton Smith
After more than a week of studying requested fan input, Bruton Smith, Chairman and CEO of Speedway Motorsports, today announced he has ordered the go-ahead to make changes to the track surface at Bristol Motor Speedway.

“The race fans have spoken,” Smith said. “We had input that included a wide range of opinions. But the majority we heard from said they wanted to see changes made. As a result, I have ordered the equipment and work will begin within the next two weeks to allow time to have everything ready for August.”

Smith said an announcement regarding the scope of the work will be made soon.

“The question we wanted to answer as quickly as possible was ‘Is something going to be done?’ Smith said. “The answer to that is ‘yes.’ We will have the details in two weeks as to what that ‘something’ is.

“Bristol Motor Speedway has been voted the most popular race track in the country more than a half-dozen times, even one of the 10 things you need to see before you die. We aim to keep the status as the fans’ favorite.”


  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    sounds like a good plan , keep them happy and coming

    1. Anonymous6:56 AM

      Only if you can re-create the magic,

  2. Did the race fans speak? Or did Bruton like some of those "race fans" overreact? What happened at Bristol this March was good racing, far better than what the track had before the turns were changed. Bristol finally became a good racetrack after the 1992-2007 period of being the sport's worst.

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Whether it is good racing or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether that racing sells tickets. The evidence suggests it doesn't. I mean, 100K is pleny, but not when you're used to 160K.

    2. Anonymous1:48 AM

      Exactly why the attendence was 108,000 at the last race right monkee?

    3. Anonymous1:49 AM

      About time Bristol should not have been changed in 2007, should have just been repaved with same layout.

  3. Chad Ross6:01 PM

    Thank you Mr. Bruton Smith!

  4. Big mistake. I guess we should tear up every track that produces side by side racing and two to three grooves.

  5. Anonymous6:50 PM

    All of the money in the world might not put the mojo back in in the track It might be easier to get goodyear drivers in a room rather than pissed off drunk fans just thinking

  6. Anonymous7:12 PM

    You're entitled to your opinion Monkeesfan, but the biggest opinion that matters most was and is all the empty seats and cancelled season tickets. He asked the people why they didn't come back and renew, and they told him. Remember "New Coke"? Sales dropped, people gave theier opinions, and Coke Classic came back. I welcome Bristol Classic back!!

  7. I hoping for an in between the old track and the new track ....If I racing can go out with lasers and make the game then they ought to be able to do a hybrid...It might take a couple of tries. My hat is off to Bruton to putting the effort and money it trying .Of course he is doing it to fill the stands but there is a reason he owns so many tracks.

  8. Anonymous10:57 PM

    "The sports worst" was sold out with a 5 year waiting period for most of those years you mentioned.

  9. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Let's all be honest with ourselves here.

    Is Bristol's new configuration the problem? Yes. But not entirely. We are dealing with a perfect storm of issues.

    First: THE ECONOMY. Ok, I know that it is better than it was, but, people are spending alot wiser than they used to. That $1,000+ they had set aside for each Bristol race weekend is now being scruitinized alot more.

    Second: THE SEATING. Ever heard of too much of a good thing? I love lobster. But, if there was a huge abundance of it I would get sick of it pretty quick. Same thing with 165,000 seats. It's too much of a good thing. Look at Duke basketball with Cameron Indoor Stadium. They could have expanded it years ago. But, they kept it small. By doing so it kept it packed and the electricity and tension in the place is amazing. Now imagine a Duke home game when you can spread out 15 seats in each direction. Not quite as exciting then is it?

    Third: EARNHARDT JR. I'm going to start by saying this. I am a race fan. Not a fan of any driver in particular. Jr's winless slump has knocked then wind out of Jr Nation's sail. And that is BAD for the sport and for ticket sales. I guarantee you that if Jr went on a hot winning streak 1 month before Bristol those tickets would sell like hot cakes.

    Fourth: REMOTE ACCESSBILITY. This sport is INCREDIBLY accessible through Television (SPEED, FOX, ESPN). Radio (MRN/SIRIUS). Internet (NASCAR RACE VIEW, STREAMING SIRIUS). I dare to say that no other sport is this linked to the fans. And when theres this degree of accessibility why spend the money and go to the track?

    This isn't a Bristol issue. This is the changing dimension of OUR sport.

    I apologize for run on sentences or bad punctuation. I am typing on a smartphone.

    These are solely my own views and are not intended to harm or insult anyone.

  10. Well I appreciate someone who thinks big picture. Smith will change the track and people still won't come. Then what? Change it again. I hope he likes throwing his money away.

  11. Anonymous10:40 AM


    He will pack the house for the fall night race because it will be a novelty (the layout change). Next March will probably be back to the same old same old.