Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rick Ware Racing Loses Appeal of Charlotte Penalty

The National Stock Car Racing Appeals Panel heard and considered the appeal of the #41 Rick Ware Racing NASCAR Nationwide Series team today.  

The penalties concerned Section 12-1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing; Section 12-4J: Any determination by NASCAR Officials that Race Equipment used in the Event does not conform to the NASCAR Rules detailed in Section 20-A of the NASCAR Rule Book, or has been approved by NASCAR prior to the Event; Section 20A-12.8.1(B): Cars must be constructed with the front fender height for both right and left front fenders of 30 inches, with the main frame rails set at six (6) inches in the front and eight (8) inches in the rear above the construction surface. The height of the front of the car will be measured using NASCAR-approved front height gauges. The gauges will contact the front fenders at a designated location at the intersection of the NASCAR C (Front Hood Lateral) template and the hood seam. For inspections prior to competition, the front car heights will be a minimum of 29-5/8 inches and a maximum of 30 inches. For inspections after competition, the minimum front car heights permitted will be 29-1/4 inches, and the maximum front car heights permitted will be 30-1/2 inches: The car failed to meet the minimum front car heights.

The penalties stemmed from a post-race inspection for the NASCAR Nationwide Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 26, 2012. The original penalties assessed were:

  • Car Owner (Rick S. Ware): Loss of 6 NASCAR Nationwide Series Championship Car Owner Points;
  • Crew Chief (George D. Church): $10,000 fine;
  • Car Driver (Tim G. Hill): Loss of 6 NASCAR Nationwide Series Championship Driver Points.
The team acknowledged that the car failed to meet the minimum front car heights during the post-race inspection per the 2012 rulebook. Upon hearing the testimony and reviewing the facts, panel members Buddy Parrott, Dale Pinilis and Robert Yates voted by majority to uphold the original penalties assessed by NASCAR. The Appellants have the right under Section 15 of the Rule Book to appeal this decision to the National Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer.

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