Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stewart Still Aiming For Three Teams In 2013

Tony Stewart told reporters today at Indianapolis Motor Speedway that Stewart Haas Racing hopes to field three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams next season, despite the loss of the U.S. Army sponsorship.

Stewart called the Army’s recent decision to leave NASCAR “a setback,” but insisted he has not given up on plans to field a trio of Sprint Cup Chevrolets next year. “It has been (planned) since we signed Danica,” he said. “Last year at this time, it seemed like the (sponsorship) environment was changing a little bit and maybe getting a little bit better. (We’re) still seeing that kind of thing…I still think it's gaining momentum. We have been able to bring Aspen Dental and Quicken Loans on board and those are two companies that had not been a part of NASCAR racing in the past. I'm pretty proud of that side of it. 

“It was definitely a huge disappointment that we were going to lose the U.S. Army,” said Stewart. “But it's not something we have had a lot of at Stewart Haas Racing. We have not lost a lot of partners… especially a group like U.S. Army. They have been a lot of fun to work with, they been a very dedicated group and have been very involved with what the race team is doing. 

“We are going to miss out having them on board next year, but I still think it's coming around. There (are) a lot of new companies that we are seeing in the sport, and that we are seeing that in our organization. We are not giving up hope and throwing in the towel thinking that we are losing one sponsor. We are going to hopefully be able to try to find somebody else.”

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