Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Game Over: Stewart Suffers Broken Leg In Sprint Car Crash

Four days ago, Tony Stewart chided reporters for overstating the severity of a pair of Sprint Car crashes he suffered in recent weeks. Last night, Stewart’s championship hopes were dealt a severe blow in a crash at Southern Iowa Speedway that left the three-time Sprint Cup champion with a broken right tibia and fibula.

Stewart was leading Monday night’s Front Row Challenge at the Oskaloosa, Iowa, dirt track when he was swept-up in a four car crash involving drivers Josh Higday, Tasker Phillips and Tony Shilling with just five laps remaining. His car flipped multiple times, and while Stewart was conscious and alert when removed from the car by rescue personnel, he was transported to a local hospital by ambulance before being airlifted to a facility in Des Moines for surgery on his broken lower leg.

Stewart Haas Racing officials have confirmed that Stewart will be sidelined from Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series Cheez It 355 at Watkins Glen International, effectively ending his hopes of qualifying for the 2013 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.  He currently ranks 11th in the championship standings, and holds the final Wild Card berth to the Chase with five races remaining in the regular season.

No specifics have been released on Stewart’s injury, but tibial/fibial fractures typically require a minimum of 6-8 weeks of cast immobilization. A 12-16 week recovery is not uncommon.

The crash was Stewart’s third Sprint Car wreck in the last three weeks. At Pocono Raceway last weekend, he admonished reporters for overstating the severity of his previous crashes, saying, “You guys need to watch more sprint car videos. It was not a big deal (and) it’s starting to get annoying. When (Sprint Cars) wreck, they get upside down like that. It was not a big deal.” 

No replacement for Stewart has been named, but a statement from SHR is expected later today. Ironically, his injury could open the door for teammate Ryan Newman to claim the second and final Wild Card slot for the 2014 Chase.



  1. Wow that really sucks I love watching him race anything great driver

  2. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about Tony's injury, even though I'm not a fan of his, I never like to see anyone injured.

  3. Although unfortunate, this is a chance taken by every individual who straps into a racecar. Smoke understands this as well as anyone but this is his passion. I'm sure he hates the fact that it happened to him at this time, but will he return to a sprint car when healed. You bet he will. And that's what makes Smoke ...Smoke!!

  4. Wow! You knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Tony may have cost himself a chase spot with his desire to race as much as possible. I admire his passion for competition but not at the expense of his race teams primary goals of making the chase and winning another season title.

    Get well soon Tony!

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Damn fool, guess it was a big deal after all !!

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    As he gets older, it seems Tony's sarcastic remarks turn around and bite him in his mightily ample behind.
    Good for Kurt Busch that Tony is out of the Chase though!

  7. I feel bad for Tony but this could be an excellent opportunity for a young driver (ie Kyle Larson) to show what he can do against all of the top drivers in the sport

  8. Who will drive the 14 at Watkins Glen ?

  9. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Man, I sure hope Tony's boss doesn't come down on him too hard for this.

    Seriously though, hope he gets well soon. This is going to ignite a crudstorm of debate over whether or not drivers should be allowed to moonlight in other racing series. Tony's situation is unique since he's his own boss, but it's going to make some other car owners think real hard about what they let their drivers do in their free time.

  10. Anonymous10:57 PM

    sounds like he has a compound fracture requiring two surgeries at least...sorry but his season is over...

  11. Anonymous3:51 PM

    The fact of the matter is that Tony, while a fierce racer, now has RESPONSIBILITIES that he needs to consider more than his own desires. HE decided to be a team owner. He's now responsible for StewartHass employees, drivers AND sponsors. He simply has to stop being so selfish. I'm tired of reading people saying "He's a racer! That's what he does!" Yes, but it's bigger than that now and it's time everyone realizes that. You think Mobil 1 is very happy right now? Office Depot? I don't think so. (Forgive me if I mix up sponsors, I don't pay much attention to NASCAR anymore.) It's time Tony mans up and starts acting more like a team owner than just a driver who can't control himself.