Thursday, October 30, 2014

NASCAR Test Ban May Not Be Cast In Stone

Gene Stefanyshyn
NASCAR’s Senior Vice President for Innovation and Racing Development Gene Stefanyshyn commented today on a statement by Roush Fenway Racing co-owner Jack Roush that the sanctioning body’s ban on independent testing in 2015 may not be cast in stone. 

“I think the final word on testing for next year has not been uttered yet by NASCAR,” said Roush on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio’s Dialed In yesterday. “My understanding is there is substantial resistance from Goodyear on what’s… on the table right now in terms of their being able to supply the tires for the number of teams that NASCAR anticipates going to the Goodyear tire tests.  

“I will be less surprised if it changes than if it stays the way it is” 

Stefanyshyn appeared to lend credence to those comments today, saying in a written release, “When we announced on Sept. 23 the rules package for the 2015 season, we stated that we were eliminating all team testing and would be working with Goodyear to build a unified testing plan in which the teams could participate. 

“We currently are working through that process and have had on-going discussions with Goodyear to develop a proposal that we will share with the teams in the near future.”

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