Monday, February 27, 2012

Daytona 500 Now Set For 7 PM Monday

The 54th annual Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Daytona International Speedway start time has been rescheduled to 7 p.m. ET today. Tickets for Sunday’s race will be honored at that time. Additional tickets will also be on sale at the gate or the Daytona International Speedway ticket office.

The National Weather Service forecasts the steady rain that has fallen since yesterday to continue at least into the mid-afternoon hours. Given that, NASCAR and the speedway have elected not to keep a beleaguered – yet determined – group of race fans waiting in the rain all day, with virtually no hope of a race. Better to call off the dogs until 7 PM, before reconvening for another attempt when the forecast is better.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    This sucks for everyone, teams, media members, fans w/ tickets who cannot attend.
    Best thing we can due is turn a negative into a positive.
    Let's set a TV ratings record.

    Robert Y

  2. Dave, thank you for keeping us office-bound folks informed!

  3. Mark Millet12:47 PM

    I actually think this is an awesome time to do it. The ratings should be so much better than doing it at noon on a Monday, it allows myself and all the others who would otherwise be working to actually catch the race live and in prime time. NASCAR should look closely at the ratings of this race, it may be what they need for justification to have weeknight, prime time racing.

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    if it were to keep raining would they reschedule at a later time, wouldn't it be cool to have your biggest race of the year at the end of the year like every other sports

  5. David Beall5:10 PM

    Let's go racin' boys! I had to work yesterday and today and would have missed it. Wooohooo!

  6. Stew Burns6:20 PM

    Let's hope for 500 miles tonight!