Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Just In: Kyle Busch Is A Wheel Man

Love him if you will, hate him if you must, but after last night’s Budweiser Shootout at Daytona, there is no debate remaining.

Kyle Busch is a wheel man.

There's no way he's coming back from this...
The Las Vegas native won the annual non-points opener for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, passing three-time and defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart in the final few yards of the event to claim his first career Bud Shootout victory by a record .013 of a second.

The fact that he was there to even attempt the pass was nothing short of miraculous.

Busch made a pair of incomprehensible saves earlier in the race to keep his M&M’s Toyota in contention. While running second on Lap 47, five-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson nudged the back bumper of Busch’s Camry in Turn Two, causing him to shoot down the track and onto the track apron. Busch somehow wrestled the car back onto the racing surface in a 180-mph shower of sparks, before losing control once again and repeating the process a second time. Longtime Daytona railbirds declared it one of the most amazing saves in the history of the speedway, but Busch soon upstaged it with an even more astounding display of car control.

Or is he???
On Lap 74, Busch was once again running second when he was bumped from behind by four-time Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon in Turn Four. In an instant replay of its previous off-road adventure, Busch’s car turned hard left and slid off the banking in a shower of sparks. The car straightened, then shot left again, slamming onto the apron as Busch fought to regain control. After a third thunderous lurch onto the flat, Busch finally tamed the car and was able to stay in the race.

“The first time might have been luck; I’m going to say the second time was all skill,” laughed Busch afterward. “It was interesting from my seat. I was steering, stabbing, braking, gassing, everything in between, trying to keep the thing straight (and) get it back under control.

“This win certainly ranks up there,” said Busch from a champagne-soaked Victory Lane. “Being knocked around and beat around, almost spun out a couple times, being able to prevail through all that and still come through; it’s great that we were able to come out in our first race back in the M&M’s car and get to Victory. It means a lot to myself and this team.”

Photo Credits: Matthew Stockman, Jamie Squire/Getty Images


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Yes, he is a wheelman for sure. It's to bad his wonderful personality overshadows it...

  2. As much as I dislike him personally, I have a hell of a lot of respect for him as a wheel man. To almost get wrecked twice and then beat 3-time at the line was amazing. I'm having a hard time coming up with an equal or better performance from anyone ever. Suggestions?

  3. Wheel man may just be an understatement for what we witnessed last evening. Not my fav but gotta give props where props are due

    1. Rick Reid4:13 PM

      Did anyone notice that the front wheels were almost straight ahead when his car was completely sideways? This guy knows how to control a car.
      If ever the "One With" was appropriate, this is it---Kyle Bush is 'one with his car'!

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Sad Michael waltrip wouldn't even say his name. The winner of the race. Kyle wins and the announcer can't even say his name. Sad sad sad

    1. Anonymous6:53 PM

      DW said it enough for 10 people, does that count lol

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Personality aside, the "daring duo of 24/48 coulnd't knock out the great "wheel man"

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    As hard as they tried, the '9 timers' couldn't knock 'Wild Thing" (you make our hearts sing) Kyle Busch off the mark. And as happened so so many times before, give the man a junk car and he'll turn it into gold. It's as if it makes it more challenging for him.

    Props to his crew for getting him back out there, props to Dave Rogers for keeping him calm, and props to Kyle for making it a great show. I have a feeling that the fuel injection enabled him to do what he did last night, considering the instant throttle response at any angle. He had the power to save the car, and the reactions and skill to give us a thrill.

    And finally, HUGE props to you Moody. What a great race to call. You never fail to make it exciting, and listening in the background while the TV crew bantered just gave the race that special quality you just can't get from TV.

    Every time Kyle is introduced they should be playing the version of 'Wild Thing' from Major League. It suits him just fine.

    Doug from NJ

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    What if Kyle Busch had wrecked Jeff Gordon and took out all those cars? The media would have blamed Kyle big time. But Jeff gets a pass. Treat all drivers equal in the media please....

  8. Absolutely the best racing I've seen in years! A little bit of something for everybody!!! Kyle did show his skills last night and I hope he can keep his head on straight for this season.

  9. Anonymous5:20 PM

    So DAMN PROUD to be a Kyle FAN!!! ALWAYS have been Always will be.
    Truly amazing watching him last night. Amazing freaking saves. Back to front countless times. Sparks flying. Passing for the win with a beat up car. Thanks Kyle!!!

    Peggy in Ohio

  10. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Oh and I LOVE his personality!!!

  11. Slideit 186:26 PM

    Kyle is the Man! Haters be damned!, If you love a Real Racer, for the right reasons, you just have to like this guy.No one else could have done what he did, other than maybe old Smoke. On his Best day!

  12. Anonymous6:49 PM

    That race was amazing...
    And kyle was incredible...
    The first time was..."cool"
    The second time was "WOW!"
    The third time... just beyond description.

    and then setting up Tony and taking hime down on the last turn....

    Who can argue with that. This isn't a buety contest, itsa race. Rock on Kyle!

    I''ve been saying for a couple years that Carl gets the next cup, and then it's Kyle's turn. But Carl blew it last year. Not sure I'll give him another shot. Kyle is a winner!


  13. Actually, Michael Waltrip went to Victory Lane and congratulated Kyle. There is a picture on the web showing Michael shaking Kyle's hand in VL.

  14. Anonymous4:04 AM

    He has proven he is a force to be reckoned with.

  15. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Forget the myth that "everybody hates Kyle." Rowdy Nation is strong and growing. Kyle has 100,000 fans on Facebook, merchandise sales in the top 5, finished 7th in MPD voting last year and Forbes magazine rated him first in bang for the buck in advertising for his sponsors. Junior fans and other envious types will continue to boo, but remember that Dale Sr. was widely disliked as well. Senior never won the MVP while he was alive and only won the year of his death when Bill Elliott graciously took his name off the ballot. As Anon above said, this is not a beauty contest or a popularity contest. But don't discount the power of Rowdy Nation to stick by their man!

    1. I heard Jeff Gordon a couple of years ago in an interview when they mentioned Kyle and he said he would love to be considered to be anywhere near as talented as Kyle.
      Rick traded down in talent for the souvenir sales. Just hope he can keep himself under control and learned his anger is his worst problem.