Monday, February 13, 2012

Kentucky Speedway To Begin Tunnel Construction

Construction crews will soon begin installing sections of a 42-foot-wide tunnel beneath Kentucky Highway 35 that will connect new Kentucky Speedway parking fields to the facility’s original property. 

Starting Tuesday, a crane will install the tunnel in 25 sections; each one 42-feet wide and approximately 11 feet high, creating access to the track off of Interstate 71 Exit 57 and Ky. State Highway 35. The tunnel and parking fields are elements of ongoing projects that the track says will ultimately expand parking while improving automotive and pedestrian traffic flows during Kentucky Speedway events. Additional elements include widening the I-71 ramp at Exit 57 and widening Ky. 35.

The first of two 2012 Kentucky Speedway event weekends will feature the June 30 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series “Quaker State 400,” the June 29 NASCAR Nationwide Series “Feed The Children 300” and June 28 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series “UNOH 225.” 

The second weekend will spotlight the Sept. 21 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series “Kentucky 201” and Sept. 22 NASCAR Nationwide Series “Kentucky 300.”

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  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Kind of funny all the money Bruton Smith is spending. He mostly cured the problems last July.
    Many of the 20k that did not get in will never return.
    He knew how much parking he had and went ahead and sold standing room tickets on top of the additional 35k seats the track added.
    Then blames the state for the interstate that was there before he bought the track.
    It was nothing but pure greed.
    Wonder if Bruton is familiar w/ you reap what you sow.
    Interesting how SMI never talks about the many concession stands that ran out of food and water before the race was even half over. You would have thought SMI had never promoted a race before. Of course this same company in years past was announcing attendance figures of 70k when there were only 40-50k people actually there. Never felt it necessary to mention how many free tickets were distributed and never used.
    I have attended over 30 races between Nascar and Indycar. I will never again attend a race at a SMI track.

    Robert Y