Thursday, November 03, 2011

MWR Confirms Reutimann's Ouster

Michael Waltrip Racing confirmed today that David Reutimann will not return to the team in 2012. Team officials say they notified Reutimann of their decision this week.

“David has been a significant part of Michael Waltrip Racing since the very beginning and will forever be a part of our heritage,” said co-owner Michael Waltrip. “We want to thank David for his contribution to our growth and success over the past five years and wish him well in the future.”

Reutimann will remain with the team for the final three races of the 2011 season. In 168 Sprint Cup Series starts for the team, Reutimann recorded two wins, 12 Top-5, 25 Top-10 finishes and four poles.

The team has a press conference scheduled for 10:30 AM CT Friday at Texas Motor Speedway, reportedly to announce that Mark Martin will replace Reutimann in a limited schedule of races in the #00 Toyota next season.


  1. Yes, thank you for being the only driver that did anything worth while the first 2 years that MWR had a team, and the remaining 3 years after that, now here's your boot to the head. Unbelievable. Karma Mikey get ready for it.

  2. Ron Conley3:33 PM

    I seem to remember Mikey siging a contract extension with the then Country Time Lemonade team (early 90's ?), then them releasing him with a year to go in his contract, and he was in the media saying I'm Driving the Country Time car next year, we have a contract, and I supported him in that, as a contract is a contract. Flash forward to 2001 and the shoe being on the other foot, Mikey cans David with one more year left on a signed contract. I supported Mikey back then, and I support David now. A Mikey fan since 1990, and an MWR fan from the beginning. Rooted for David to get the ride when MWR first organized from driving for his brother in the #17 NTN Bearing truck in the truck series. Been a David fan ever since, through thick and thin with the whole orgnization, but no more. I'm standing behind David....Just like I did Michael. (FYI, Posted this on MWR's facebook page and was deleted within seconds.....truth hurts I guess!)

  3. Kathy5:33 PM

    This really stinks. David WAS and IS "The Franchise" for MWR. He got his car in the show even when he was so nervous for qualifying he was barfing. David won MWR's first, second, and ONLY races. He was loyal to MWR a few seasons ago when some other teams wanted to hire him. What has Truex done for MWR - ever? The MWR cars have been junk this year. And Mikey waits until 3 races to go to release David? And yes, I know this is a business. But maybe that's the real problem with NASCAR. Too much business. Not enough loyalty and certainly no class. I was always a Mikey fan, and became a David fan. Sorry, Mikey. Now I'm just a David Reutimann fan.

  4. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Not a Mikey fan right now. David has been the best MWR driver from day 1. Better than DJ. Certainly better than Mcdowell and MW. Better than Truex.

  5. Anonymous9:09 PM

    If it makes David feel better, I guarantee the Martin and boyer cars do not run any better. @badream

  6. I have to confess, I am shocked by Mark going to MWR, I really thought he was going to be the guy that taught Danica how to drive and be SHR Mentor. Best wishes to all, remember it is Business and in today's environment every dollar counts!

  7. Chris8:59 AM

    WOW.... I am amazed at the number of NASCAR insiders and driver contract experts Moody has here! If y'all know so much on the how when what and why's of all these goings on inside these owner/driver meetings why do y'all wait to respond to these articles, y'all should be reporting these articles!

  8. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Soooo... All you guys were in the meetings at MWR? Anybody stop to think before your knee jerk reactions? This is my SWAG, ( scientific wild ass guess ) maybe Ruti wanted to leave MRW?