Friday, May 18, 2012

Busch: Fans Enjoy "WWE-Type Action"

Kurt Busch held court with the media Friday afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway, saying outbursts like the one between his crew and Ryan Newman’s following last Saturday night’s Bojangle’s Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway are good for the sport. He also attempted to explain what led up to the clash, and said he will pay the $50,000 fine levied by NASCAR out of his own pocket.  

Come gitcha some...
"Absolutely,” said the former Sprint Cup Series champion. “I have all (paid my own fines) through my career. I've been fined the most probably of any driver, and I've paid it out of my pocket more than any driver.”

Busch justified his tire-smoking burnout through Ryan Newman’s adjoining pit stall late in Saturday night’s race, saying he was trying to beat the pace car off pit road to avoid losing a lap, and did not feel he endangered anyone. In his words, “I didn't think anything of it.''

He also said he did not mean to run into the back of Newman’s US Army Chevrolet on pit road after the race, adding, "Everybody checked-up coming into the garage. I was taking my helmet off.''

He said that while he and Newman have been friends in the past, the relationship has ended as a result of post-Darlington comments in which Newman said Busch’s “chemical imbalance speaks for itself.”

“(Newman) needs to check that Daytona 500 trophy I helped him win years before,” said Busch, while also implying that there was an ulterior motive behind Newman’s remarks. Both drivers are in the final year of their respective contracts – whether written or verbal –placing them in potential competition for jobs next season.

Busch said fans enjoy skirmishes like Saturday night’s, calling it “WWE-type action. I heard them cheer louder (during the dust-up) than when Jimmie Johnson pulled into Victory Lane,” he said. “That's when the crowd reacted the most. So you tell me if they're wanting WWE? This is fun. This is entertainment, right guys? This is why you guys are all here suffocating me at the back of this hauler.''


  1. I wonder if Kurt really understands the true NASCAR fan. Personally, I don't care for WWE type "action" and never have.

    Respect for other competitors - drivers, pit crew - seems to be lacking with Kurt.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    With all do respect I honestly would not be surprised if the WWE is on the phone right now with Kurt Bush negotiating a Monday Night Raw or Pay Per View appearance.

    If this whole NASCAR deal doesn't end up panning out, perhaps Kurt could find a new life at the WWE. He'd make a great sidekick / manager. Sort of like a 2012 version of Bobby The Brain Heenan.

    Think about it - he could get his agressions out on a weekly basis - on national TV - and would be REWARDED for that... not punished.

    On a more serious note. I really liked the Kurt Busch after he won the Nationwide race the other week in his brother's car. It's like he is two different people and hope he can get his anger under control. He's a great talent.

  3. No. I don't watch WWE, and I don't agree w/Kurt. Sounds like he's trying to spin his way out of this.

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I have not watched Pro Wrestling since I was a kid 4 decades ago because it is fake; much like Busch's poor attempt at a rationalization.
    This was his season to prove skeptics wrong, not working so well recently.

    Robert Y

  5. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Get a clue. This is what his sponsor (Monster) wants to see. They love an edgy controversial personality like him. He can have a ballistic meltdown and then get out of the car smile and slug down their product.

    Read this article and Monster's article on Jayski. The acct mgr at Monster basically said Kurt is the guy we want to promote our product.