Thursday, May 03, 2012

Furniture Row's Joe Garone: "I Have Talked To Kurt Busch"

Furniture Row Racing general manager Joe Garone confirmed today that talks have taken place between the team and driver Kurt Busch, but said those conversations are not a result of dissatisfaction with the team’s current driver, Regan Smith.

FRR's Joe Garone
“I have talked to Kurt Busch,” said Garone, “but it was about a team we don’t even have yet. We are working diligently on getting a second (Sprint Cup) car for next year, and I’m trying to get my hands around some of the guys that will be available going onto 2013. I wanted to make an introduction to Kurt, and just let him know what our plans are for the future.”

Smith currently ranks 25th in Sprint Cup championship points, and has failed to record a Top-10 finish in nine starts this season. Despite those struggles, Garone said his conversation with Busch, “is not about being unhappy with Regan Smith. (Regan) is in a contract year, and if he does not return (in 2013) it’s because he’s not getting the job done. But honestly, our mile-and-a-half program is struggling right now, and that has nothing to do with Regan.”

Garone said he believes Smith and Busch would make good teammates, saying, “Kurt and Regan have worked well together on the superspeedways in the past. They have drafted well together and talked well back and forth. Adding a second team would be a major boost for Furniture Row Racing, and we’re all working hard to try and make that happen.”


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    dont get rid of smith he is my favorite driver him and kurt would be great teammates! Smith will win many races hes having a tough year but will come back strong.

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Hey Joe, you should have your god child (my brother) BRANDON SCARBERRY race for you. His is absolutely amazing. He beat Speed and Almendinger in carts at IMI!! He rocks!
    Jessica Engler-Scarberry

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  4. Bob Souva3:24 PM

    I think adding Kurt Busch for a second car for 2013 would be awesome!! I know Kurt wants to get into a program that is on the way up. FRR is definitely a team on the way up. It would be great to have two drivers to compare notes with. Regan & Kurt do well together on Superspeedways. Kurt does well on 1½ mile tracks too. Between the two, I think they will take FRR a long way. Regan has got to stay! I think the fact that he bought a house in Evergreen has got to be a statement that he doesn't want go anywhere else. Do what it takes Joe!! You have a growing fan base here in Colorado and around the nation! I am proud to be a FRR fan!

  5. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Kurt can probebly help FRR more than FRR can help Kurt...
    But still who knows. They can put together a car here and there.
    2 cars is vital. It was enough for Tony Stewart to only have 2.

  6. Barney Visser's Furniture Row Racing team is not located in Charlotte many of us work together all week long," said team general manager Joe Garone.