Sunday, May 06, 2012

McClure Remains Hospitalized After Talladega Crash

McClure was Medi-Vaced to UAB Hospital
Driver Eric McClure remains hospitalized at University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital today after a savage crash in the closing laps of Saturday’s Aaron’s 312 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Talladega Superspeedway.

McClure's No. 14 Hefty Toyota was part of a nine-car crash triggered when Kevin Harvick spun off the front bumper of Michael Annett’s Ford during an attempted green-white-checkered flag finish. McClure appeared to get hit in the left-rear corner, sending him hurtling across the track and head-on into the inside wall. The wall is protected by SAFER barriers, but emergency workers were forced to cut the roof off McClure’s demolished racer to remove him. He was taken from the car on a backboard and wearing a cervical collar, before being Life Flighted to UAB Hospital for treatment.

NASCAR spokesmen Kerry Tharp said McClure was “conscious, alert and talking to the attendants” during transport, and a subsequent update from his Tri-Star Motorsports team said he was “awake, alert and talking to family members” and would be kept overnight for observation. He is reportedly complaining of pain in his right arm and leg.

Saturday’s race was red flagged for 19 minutes after the crash for cleanup and repairs to the SAFER barrier. Joey Logano won the race with a last-second pass of leader Kyle Busch.

Photo Credit: Rainier Eherhardt -- AP   


  1. Bill Turpin10:30 AM

    This is the part of racing that I absolutely hate. I've watch crashes thru-out the years and never understand how these Drivers do it. But, ever since that fateful day in Feb. 2001, I wonder why he didn't walk away too. This hit yesterday that McClure took was, by far, harder then Dale's hit. Thank God for safety inovations. God's speed, Eric.

  2. Glad he will make a recovery.... That was unbelievable--that article said it was savage, but I don't think that even does it justice.

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I think there are too many people that get off on that kind of stuff,thisis RACIN, not wrecking!