Thursday, May 24, 2012

Squier, Hall Honored With New Media Award

Barney Hall (L) and Ken Squier

Following the announcement of the 2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame class, NASCAR announced the creation of a new award to honor the contributions of media to the success of the sport. The award, which will become part of the annual NASCAR Hall of Fame ceremonies beginning in February 2013, will bear the names of the first two award winners, legendary broadcasters Ken Squier and Barney Hall, and be called the Squier-Hall Award for NASCAR Media Excellence.
A special exhibit will be created as part of the existing media section within the NASCAR Hall of Fame to recognize the careers of Squier and Hall, as well as honorees in the years to come.
“Media have played an important role in the growth and popularity of NASCAR over the years by telling the stories of legendary drivers, championship moments and week-to-week action to millions of fans across the world,” said Brian France, NASCAR chairman and CEO. “The voices of Ken Squier and Barney Hall are an indelible part of our sport’s history and we couldn’t be more pleased to recognize their long and outstanding careers.”
Squier, one of NASCAR’s original broadcasters, carved a massive footprint during NASCAR’s formative broadcast years. Beginning with the Motor Racing Network (MRN) in 1970, Squier’s golden voice took NASCAR to a national audience thirsting for live coverage. He is perhaps best-known for his work during the 1979 Daytona 500, a milestone moment for the entire sport, as Squier’s voice on CBS welcomed millions to the first live flag-to-flag coverage of “The Great American Race” – a moniker he coined.
Following that signature moment, including his call of the post-race fight between Bobby Allison, Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison, Squier proceeded to call races for CBS and TBS until 1997 before shifting to the studio as host for NASCAR broadcasts until 2000. Squier continues to enlighten NASCAR fans to this day, mostly through special appearances on SPEED.
Hall began his career in the 1950s working at local radio stations in North Carolina and served as Bristol Motor Speedway’s first public address announcer when the track opened. He called his first Daytona 500 in 1960, and has missed only three broadcasts in the 54-year history of The Great American Race. He joined MRN as an original announcer at the network’s inception in 1970, first as a turn announcer and then moving to the booth in the late 70s where he has been a fixture ever since at race tracks from coast to coast. The Elkin, North Carolina, native who is widely known for his calm voice and unmatched storytelling, was inducted into the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) Hall of Fame in 2007.
Hall has called a number of the sport’s milestone moments, including the landmark 1979 Daytona 500, Richard Petty’s 200th-career victory in 1984 and Dale Earnhardt’s 1998 victory in the Daytona 500. Still active, Hall led the MRN broadcast of last week’s NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Each year, five nominees will be selected by a panel made up of NASCAR executives, NASCAR Hall of Fame staff, and the president of the NMPA, among others. From there, a voting panel will select an annual winner of the Squier-Hall Award for NASCAR Media Excellence, beginning with the third honoree (Squier and Hall are the first two) in 2013. It is anticipated the annual award winner will be announced in June, approximately one month after the Hall of Fame inductees are announced.
Squier-Hall Award winners will remain eligible for NASCAR Hall of Fame induction. Likewise, current and future inductees who made significant contributions as a member of the media will be eligible to win the Squier-Hall Award.
The 2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be held Feb. 8, 2013.



  2. This is great news. People like me live the races through the words and cadence of people like you. We see through your eyes only as well as you can create the picture. The 1st 2 are well deserving. B.P. should get the nod as well. I would also like to point out another broadcaster. This Man's voice for me is NASCAR. When I hear a PRN race, they do a great job, but something is missing. Moody, I am very excited for there to be a future home for the recognition of your talents. You were born with a voice made for this job. You have found your calling, and you have enriched the auditory canals of anyone who has had the chance to catch an MRN race on the radio. If I were on the voting panel, you would easily win my vote.

    Knowing your modesty, I know you will point out a number of more deserving recipients. But nobody great, sees the greatness in themselves, It takes an outsider to make a note of it. And if you don't hear it enough, allow me... You aren't just another player on the team. You are much more. Thank you for what you bring to us on your show, this site, and every weekend you're at the track. I know you will be recognized.

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Tedstryker said it as well as can be said.
    And Moody before you disagree, think back to story you told us @ you and the Mad Canadian at Rockingham being stopped every few feet.
    At some point in the future you're going to have to add HOF to your autograghs, and it will be very much deserved.

    Robert Y

  4. Thanks, guys, you're very kind and your remarks are humbling. I was as thrilled about yesterday's award announcement as anyone in the room; maybe even Barney and Ken.

    1. Hey there Dave,
      Great place you have here. Very comfy and smartly furnished. Just want to say hi and thanks for this piece on Dad (readers-I am Ken's son, and have known Dave since I was little). This is a very big deal and I am extremely proud of Dad. Thanks NASCAR for such an honor. I can't speak for him, but to me this feels like Dad's checkered-flag lap to Victory Lane.

      Travis Squier

  5. Doug M.4:47 PM

    I think it is great to see Barney and Ken honored. They have both been instrumental in shaping others views of this sport, both directly thought their own voices, and indirectly through the voices of those that learned from them, like you Dave.

    I agree with the others. One day in the not too distant future, your name will be alongside theirs.