Thursday, December 06, 2012

Indy 500 Will Be Smoke-Free In 2013

Stewart says, "No thanks."
Tony Stewart has turned thumbs-down on a proposed ride in the 2013 Indianapolis 500.

Last week, Penske Racing owner Roger Penske offered to field a car for Stewart in next May’s race, triggering a firestorm of speculation about a potential Indy-Charlotte doubleheader by the former Indy Car and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion.
Stewart ended the speculation last yesterday, telling USA Today, "As much as I would like to do it, we just don't have the time to do it proper. The IRL is so competitive now, you're not going to just show up like drivers used to do in the past and be competitive. These guys don't leave anything on the table. You're not going to stroll into the Indy 500 with these guys who race every week and be as competitive as they are.”
Stewart called Penske’s offer “humbling” and “a great opportunity,” but said his commitments as owner/driver at Stewart Haas Racing preclude him from accepting.
“It's very hard when you're running three Cup teams,” he said, drawing a chorus of boos from race fans hoping to see him attempt both races for the first time since 2001. “The obligations that we have, making sure that we're doing the right things… we have a lot of people that depend on us.
“It's kind of like being at Thanksgiving dinner,” said Stewart. “My plate is finally full. I don't know if I can add anymore to what I have right now."
He refused to close the door on a future Indy effort with Penske, however, saying, “I'm not going to do it this year, but there's nothing saying that down the road that I may not take him up on that same offer.”


  1. Finally! That's all everyone has talked about for the past week,(including the hosts of most racing shows). I was wondering why no one could wait until Tony let us know if he was even interested! I hate the off season, people call in & just make up things to talk about. I'm about done listening to channel 90!

    1. Rather than simply complaining about it, what would YOU like to talk about, Ron?

    2. It just seems that there is a double standard. Hosts of various shows SAY they don't live in a world of IF, and yet most of the conversation for the past week has been IF Tony would do the double, without even waiting for Tony's thoughts.