Friday, November 02, 2012

Earnhardt-Ganassi Dumps Earnhardt-Childress Engines

Chip Ganassi is making a change
Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates will no longer get its horsepower from Earnhardt Childress Racing engines in 2013.

A team spokesperson confirmed today that EGR will lease engines from Hendrick Motorsports next season, ending its partnership in the ECR engine-building operation. Teresa Earnhardt, widow of seven-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Dale Earnhardt, is a financial partner in both Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing and Earnhardt-Childress Racing Engines.

Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing drivers Jamie McMurray and Juan Pablo Montoya currently rank 20th and 22nd in Sprint Cup championship points, with only five Top-10 finishes in 66 combined starts this season. This is the second consecutive disappointing season for EGR, and sources say a lack of horsepower has hindered McMurray, Montoya and RCR drivers Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton and Paul Menard.

Unconfirmed reports say ECR engines have often conceded as much as 25 horsepower to the competition this season, and team owner Chip Ganassi is unwilling to wait any longer for the problem to be solved.

“I can confirm that we are making a move for the 2013 season,” said Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing President Steve Lauletta today. “We’re looking at everything as we prepare for next year. We’ve had a lot of conversations with both ECR and Hendrick, and based on those conversations, we determined that it was in our best interest to make a change.”

Richard Childress told reporters at Texas Motor Speedway today that he was not surprised by the move, adding, “It won't affect us in any way.”

"It's as good as it ever was," said Childress of the Welcome, NC-based engine program. "We just hired two new EFI people and we're still growing it. We're going to have a strong engine shop. We'll be fine."

He said longtime customer Furniture Row Racing will remain with the company in 2013, adding that “a couple” new clients could also be added. He said the Earnhardt-Childress Racing name will remain unchanged.


  1. Wow, It seems like RCR has been going downhill fast the past few years. It might be time for Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick to start looking for some quality rides sooner rather than later. I think RC is more concerned with the careers of the Dillon boys than anything else. I have a feeling that's why Salder left RCR. It's a given that both Dillon's will race in CUP for RC but I feel RC is slowly ruining his company to make that happen.

    1. Harvick just up-ed a year ago not going anywhere soon.

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    With the massive damage those of us who are NASCAR fans living at the Jersey shore are enduring it hurts that XM90 and NASCAR don't seem to care. I guess in the world of NASCAR, metro NY/NJ doesn't exist.

    Shorenomore, Point Pleasant NJ

    1. Manitoba_jay3:43 PM

      While i respect your opinion i couldn't disagree more.I've read to many statements of prayers and concern to count.While i can't imagine what you and your family are going through trust me that NASCAR nation cares.When one hurts we all hurt.

    2. If you've listened to the channel this week, you have heard numerous appeals for our listeners to donate to the disaster relief effort. we have also spoken frequently about the tragedy, and expressed our sympathy and good wishes to those affected. We don't do that because we have to, my friend. We do it because we want to.

  3. Allow Myself, to introduce, Myself...

  4. This is a good article for you to check out.
    I live in California, and have donated money. I have heard it mentioned on the radio a number of times by the hosts, callers, and guests. We're all thinking about the devastation you all are dealing with. I can't imagine what you are going through, and I hope you get back on you find relief soon.

  5. Anonymous2:04 AM

    I'm sure the Childress teams will be fine ....The grand kids is coming up & Richard will make it work...This guy is a winner & he won't let the grand kids down ..Earner

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    It's sad knowing what has become of D.E.I., it really is. This was once Dale Earnhardt's team, he created strickly for him and his family. But, who would have ever thought that Teresa would run it into the ground like this. I hope she is happy now. I guess he should hev gave Dale Jr. that 51% ownership of the family team. As a matter of fact, kind of wish Dale would have just stayed at D.E.I. anyways. If that were to happen, I know we all wouldn't be having this conversation, that is for damn sure. Now that Chip Ganassi has came in, he has really made things worst for the team. Almost going to Dodge, now he has Hendrick engines? Not sure what his problem is really. Might as well slap all the Earnhardt fans across the face too, huh? Richard Childress and Teresa Earnhardt formed Earnhardt-Childress Racing Engines specifically for D.E.I. and R.C.R. They formed it so the two teams can work more closer together. But hey, Chip is in charge now, and I guess that is not his style. Did yall hear that? I think I heard Dale Earnhardt roll over in his grave...

  7. Anonymous2:16 PM

    While NASCAR had a Mati-million dollar fundraiser for the Romney campaign Truex is the only driver who cares bout NJ. And no, without power, heat or water, XM radio isn't a consideration. After a week
    without a shower or hot food, racing isn't at the top of our list.

    @shorenomore, Point Pleasant NJ

  8. Anonymous4:32 AM

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