Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busch Says Newman "Raced Me Poorly"

Kyle Busch commented via Twitter today, clarifying the comments he made about Ryan Newman following Sunday’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. 

Busch called Newman “the biggest stupid idiot out here” and “a big ogre” Sunday, adding “(There’s) no sense in getting in a fight with him, but I’m glad he's out of a job." He explained today that he was upset with what he considered to be rough tactics by Newman directed at him in the race. 

"I want to clarify that I was answering what I felt was two separate questions asked to me at the same time in an interview following the race in Loudon,” write Busch. “The first was about how fast Kurt was and the second was how I felt about Ryan Newman blaming me for him getting wrecked.  

“First I answered the Kurt part. He was fast... Great to see them running well... Was a shame to see him crashed... Nowhere there did I place blame on who wrecked who. I didn't see it and I still haven't seen it.  

“My second answer came from being upset over an incident I had with (Ryan Newman) on the track during the race. I answered it in the same response, but it was intended as a completely separate answer.  

“I was upset because I felt (Newman) raced me poorly, making contact and causing damage to my RF fender that affected the handling on my racecar. This isn't the first time that I've been raced poorly by (him) either, which added to my frustration. All this built up and allowed my emotions to spill over for how I felt. I'm not sorry for how I feel in those moments, but could have expressed it better and certainly my comments about someone's livelihood went too far."


  1. Turnleft5:49 PM

    Ya...He's not very bright...

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Well said Kyle.

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Here we go again Kyle is sorry for what he said in the heat of the moment. Same old story!!!

  4. Well said Kyle. You really have grown up this year. Keep up the great work on and off the track.

  5. Anonymous6:22 PM

    He's scared of that ass woopin now

    1. Nascar is the only sport I have ever seen where the fans and media think the biggest fattest guys are bad asses. I have seen guys the size of Joey beat the hell out of guys like Tony and Newman. Most tough man contests are won by men 5'11" to 6"2" weighing 165 to 179. Newman should be looking to hit Harvick thats the man that took his job. Kyle turned down that job last December.

    2. Can we institute "likes" on Blogger?

    3. I'm glad he clarified. I might have chalked it up to Kyle being a jerk otherwise.

    4. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Amazing how you think he's afraid of anything when he can strap himself in a 200 MPH steel can. I guarantee that's something you'll never do.

  6. I feel for both Bush brothers. They can't say or do anything without the microscope all over them. 2013 is a banner year for both borthers. Kurt has by far surpassed most expectations and shown that there is true merit in "driver" skill Vs cars and ownership power. Kyle has made great strides in understanding what it takes to make a run for the championship. I believe deep down Kyle and many other learned from watching the 2 team last year. Brad showed the way to let tallent and team paint the canvas. I believe Kyle will soon be a Sprint Cup Champion but he has a little more to go. If you want to be "Rowdy" then so be it. But it won't win over the long haul. If the 39 dumps Kyle in the Chase he may just learn that the hard way.

  7. Anonymous9:31 PM

    People it is racing at high speed..Willing to bet not one of you haven't said something like this at 70mph when you have been cut off.. Take it for what it is worth & let it go..You folk's are as bad has the media you all cry about..

  8. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Kyle better watch what he says anyway... He's a little puss bag and I'm sure the whole garage can kick his ass... Newman has nothing to lose by beating him like the puss bag he is... It's Kyles time to start beating himself on the track anyway.. He will NEVER be a Champion..............

  9. Anonymous7:49 AM

    No problem Kyle... I'm sure when Newman puts his foot up your butt he will say his feeling went too far as well.. No problem... You puss bag

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    He is going to get his but kicked! He is not at all bright or at least appears that way!

  11. If Kyle thought Newman was hard to pass before.......LOL!

    If Kyle feels bad about his comment about Newman's employment status now wait a couple race weekends. I think he will feel much worse about it.

    Lets see Kyle looks a lot like Kurt and Newman looks a lot like Spencer. I think Newman has the fine money, heck Tony and Richard Childress would pay the fine if Newman did the job. Remember RC is not a Kyle fan either.

    Remember the Logano / Newman confrontation Kyle, you acknowledged the parity in size/butt kicking ability yourself. You need to learn a little more control on that pie hole, maybe you should let Sam tell you when to speak and when not to.