Monday, July 15, 2013

Newman On Kyle: "We All Know He’s Not Very Bright.”

"He'd better be able to back it up."
Friday, Ryan Newman was informed that he will not return to Stewart Haas Racing in 2014. On lap 226 of Sunday’s Camping World RV Sales 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Newman was swept up in a three-car crash with title contenders Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth that left him with a wrecked race car and a 39th place finish.

After a thoroughly trying week, last thing the Indiana native likely needed was a post-race bout of name-calling. But that’s exactly what he got, courtesy of Kyle Busch, who jumped to his brother’s defense by calling Newman “the biggest stupid idiot” in NASCAR.
"I really hated that Kurt got tore up," said Kyle Busch after the race. "I felt like he had the best car. I was proud of them guys but, man, (it was) just stupidity.

Newman (39) had a rough weekend
“Ryan Newman's the biggest stupid idiot out here,” continued Busch. “He's a big ogre and can do whatever he wants, because he can probably kick anybody's butt. (There’s) no sense in getting in a fight with him, but I’m glad he's out of a job."

Newman responded to Busch’s “butt kicking” comment today, saying, “I’m afraid that if I rearranged his face, I might fix it.
“We all know he’s not very bright,” continued Newman. “He’s a great talent, but not very bright. I admit to dooring Kyle down the straightaway after he blasted me into the corner. But I didn’t crash him and he didn’t crash me, so I don’t know what he’s got to be mad about. Evidently, he’s got a bone to pick for some reason.
“After his comments about me not having a ride (for next season), he has more to lose than I do,” warned Newman. “He might want to check his (mouth) before he gets too far ahead of himself.”
While saying he has no plans to retaliate against Busch on the race track, Newman offered the Joe Gibbs Racing driver some unsolicited advice.
“I really don’t care about his opinion,” he said. “But if he’s going to run his mouth, he’d better to be able to back it up.”


  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    i hope Ryan knocks his head off or at least pops him in the mouth hard enough that he cant open it for the rest of the year

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      wow, internet bravado


  2. Sigh. I was hoping Kyle might have learned a thing or three and would tend to police his mouth. He has been doing a pretty good job.

    Until now.

    OTOH, he is still darned entertaining. We get our money's worth with him around, regardless.

  3. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Sounds to me like kids on a playground with the name calling. Also, don't understand the reporter even asking Kyle about the Newman, Kenseth, Kurt Busch situation when he wasn't even envolved in it. Came across to me as the reporter trying to stir things up.

  4. I am glad that Newman admitted to "dooring Kyle down the straightaway" since the focus has been on 1/2 the story. I guess that since it has been said it takes some wind out of the media sail. Please report on the whole story and not just 1/2 of it. If you go back around 10 laps prior to 39 and 78 spinning, you will see 39 cross 2 lanes to "door" 18. If 39 had the speed and talent to keep up with 18 then it would have been a big mess going into 1.

  5. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Things that make me go hmmmmmm?? High school graduate Kyle is calling post secondary engineering degree Ryan, an idiot. SMH

  6. Joyce Slater8:26 AM

    Newman is a childish punk.

  7. Joyce Slater8:28 AM

    Newman is a childish punk..with No Macho.

    1. Joyce.. You are thoroughly confused. Kyle is the childish punk. You've been in the sun way too long.. Ha, ha, ha!!!!

    2. Joyce...I don't need to say it twice

  8. Dwayne in Memphis10:40 AM

    Jimmy Spencer was an ogre, too. Kurt is showing what a Busch can do when all of his efforts are focused on the race...he's as good as he was in his championship year. He's running with the big boys almost every week in a car that ought not be able to do that. He's going to win one in that black Furniture Row car someday soon.

    Kyle on the other hand, still just doesn't seem to know when to shut up. Joe Gibbs' grace offered to Kyle Busch seems to have just added to his arrogance. Like Newman said, Kyle's got more to lose than he does with his past antics. And to be honest, I think he's just bitter about getting booted for the 88.

  9. Newman obviously does care about Kyle Busch's opinion to even comment on it. Clearly Kyle Busch has a salient point about Newman for Newman to take it seriously enough to respond.

    It merely proves Joyce Slater's point, and also proves anew how disreputable the last two generations of NASCAR racers have been - hardly anyone racing today is worth paying any attention to, making Vickers' upset win all the more enjoyable.

    1. Dwayne in Memphis2:22 PM

      The comments were a direct result of Moody asking him on the show yesterday. They weren't unsolicited comments, "Hey I need to find a microphone so I can say that I don't care what he thinks".

      It was a regularly scheduled weekly appearance (every single Monday finishing 1st or 41st on Sunday) on the show, and Dave played the clip and asked him for a response. His first answer was "I don't really care what he thinks" then through some joking and carrying on with Dave about providing fodder for the show, Ryan ellaborated by calling him not very bright and whatnot.

  10. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Newman wishes he was only HALF the driver Kyle is, or made as much money as Kyle or was smart enough to run his own shop and teams.....Newman may have an engineering degree, but those types always think they are the brightest bulb in the box.

  11. Hey Anonymous, who is obviously afraid to post a name,Newman is more of a man than crybaby Kyle will ever be! Remember when Nascar told Kyle that he needs Nascar more than Nascar needs him and he, Kyle almost lost his job! Kyle has the mentality of a 5 year old and obviously will never mature. There is more to being a race car driver than winning races and Nascar would survive without the biggest crybay Kyle. I guarantee if an anonymous poll was taken by all the drivers to see who was the most disrespectful driver in the garage, the winner by far would be the one and only Kyle Busch!!!