Wednesday, November 02, 2011

COMMENTARY: Good Luck, Jeremy Mayfield. Now Go Away.

Jeremy Mayfield's Tuesday night arrest on drug possession charges provides the latest chapter in a growing encyclopedia of evidence against the former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver. Even after his arrest, there are some observers who persist in seeing Mayfield as the victim of some grand and convoluted conspiracy, victimized not by drugs, but by NASCAR, the law enforcement community and the media.

After last night, those supporters are few and far between.

Many of us were inclined to believe Mayfield at first, hoping against hope that some colossal mix-up might be to blame for his positive drug test. Not holding a degree in chemistry, we hoped that his Adderal + Claritin = Methamphetamine explanation might somehow hold water. Ultimately, though, his allegations of conspiracy and skullduggery became so bizarre, so outlandish that many believers found themselves falling by the wayside.

Faced with the tidal wave of evidence against him, Mayfield’s “The World Is Out To Get Me” defense could probably have been expected. His unfortunate attempt to drag the sport down with him was unseemly, but also not surprising, considering his ugly departure from Evernham Motorsports just a few years earlier. Clearly, Jeremy Mayfield is a man willing to burn bridges on his way out of town.

Now, it appears he has gotten his wish. He has alienated NASCAR, his former teams, fellow competitors and fans, and made himself a pariah in a sport that once embraced him as one of its own. It is a sad tale, but hopefully, there can still be a happy ending. Perhaps Tuesday night’s arrest will serve as “rock bottom” for Jeremy Mayfield; a singular, defining moment that spurs him – at long last -- down the road to recovery.

It’s not too late for Mayfield to save himself. The judicial system will almost certainly bring his current addiction to an end, either with a prison sentence or probation/substance abuse testing. His NASCAR career, however, has passed the point of no return. There have simply been too many lies, too many misguided allegations against innocent third parties and too many attempts to transfer blame.

I wish the best for Jeremy and Shana Mayfield personally. But professionally, it’s time for them to simply fade away.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Well said.

  2. Jerry was a shmuck to begin with. I am glad nasccar caught him before he got other driver into the wall.

  3. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Very Well said!

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM

    So very true...I know a lot of people wanted to believe him even when it was looking pretty bad. Now, he needs to man up, face his huge problems and make an honest effort to live a good life.

  5. Anonymous8:11 PM

    well said Moody.

    Lori (colorado)

  6. Anonymous8:24 PM

    I agree totally with Moody. I hope that Jeremy will get the treatment that he truly needs to get well.

    DEB (Kalkaska, MI)

  7. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I don't. Dude slandered the organization that made him. Burn too many bridges and you're stuck on an island. Share hmeil never once acted like this, eventually he turned it around and that was great to see. I hope Jeremy loses everything including a wife that's too good for him.

  8. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I think he HAS lost everything.....everything that matters anyway.

  9. Anonymous5:12 AM

    The whole thing is sad. Now Mayfield is denying any knowledge of the
    meth that they just found. What's it going to take, Jeremy?

  10. Anonymous5:39 AM

    I feel bad for Shana. Hopefully she was smart enough to leave him.

  11. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I wanted to believe you in the beginning Jeremy. Nascars drug program was shoddy at best. You NOW need to face your demons. Your denial is hurting you and anybody that may still think that you are worth caring about. You tried to bring down a sport that made you somebody.Dave you are "spot on" with this article and I agree....GO AWAY JEREMY...Ford wants to sponsor you...Betty Ford that is.

  12. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I just wish he'd go away. This is not news anymore, it's just another bad story of a person who still has not, and may never, admit that he's to blame for everything that's happened to him. He started this with Penske on his way out there if you recall. Then ramped it up with Evernham. then Nascar. Having a lot of experience in this area, I've been behind Nascar all along. Can't tell you how many stories and lies told to my face by construction workers who failed drug tests, and all, 100%, were lies. Even from guys who'd worked for me for years that I thought I 'knew'. Alcohol abuse is much easier to spot than most types of drug use and abuse. They truly convince themselves they can get away with it and anyone who gets in their way is a liar. Big mirror needs to be installed!!!

  13. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I beleive after the comment his lawyer gave after the arrest that Jeremy actually cannot determine truth from lie. He stated he new nothing of the meth and stolen items. I think he has gotten so used to having to lie to cover himself that he actually cannot tell the differnce. I do feel for him and hope he gets the treatment for this and is able to "right the wrongs", but I don't think his career will ever be 1% of what it ever was.

  14. Doug M9:48 AM

    Looking back, it makes you question a lot of things that occurred in the man's life where he was given the benefit of the doubt without hesitation.

  15. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I bought into his story back then. Now, I think that he is nothing but a tool.

  16. anonymous internet genius12:54 PM

    jeremy stated on speed interview he was getting into the scrap metal business, thus the property may have been stolen by others if it was truly stolen.

    jeremy was charged with having synthetic drugs called bath salts. they were legal until recently. any lawyer worth the salt in his tears will clear him of those charges.

    the guns were taken as precaution as in any felony case. they will be returned.

    you cant say he threw ray under the bus. the claim jeremy made of ray was true. thus if anyone threw ray under the bus it was ray himself.

    my only question is this. being from owensboro like the waltrips, why didnt he ask mikey for all his bent sheetmetal? i mean come on, no one tears up cars like mwr.

  17. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Yay @badream

  18. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Kyle Busch is just as dangerous as jeremy. He needs to be sat down for the weekend. New and improved??? I think not. He's still the hothead he always has been.

  19. At first I did think Jeremy was getting a bad rap, and it is possible to have a false positive, but seriously now all this?! Either the whole world is truly "against him" like he seems to think or ........ after all this, to continue to deny it, only makes him look worse and look like a bigger fool.
    Good luck Jeremy, get some help, (maybe your wife sticks by you or she has done bailed), but back off & stop trying to drag people to your side for them to go down in the ball of flame that you seem to want to go out in, and as Dave said, fade away.