Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sgt. Slaughter Named GM of Ford 300

"Maggots, start your engines!"

WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter has been announced as Grand Marshal for Saturday’s NASCAR Nationwide Series championship race, the Ford 300, at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Track President Matthew Becherer made that announcement today.

“I am really excited to start the Ford 300,” said Slaughter. “Ricky Stenhouse, Elliott Sadler, Justin Algaier and Aric Almirola have made the 2011 Nationwide Series special, and I can’t wait to see who is named champion once the checkered flag is waved and history is made.”

Sgt. Slaughter is truly one of a kind. A former United States Marine, he earned his famous ring name during his time in the service. Once he began his professional wrestling career, he solidified that name, intimidating adversaries and fans alike with his trademark drill sergeant attire and booming baritone. He remains one of the WWE’s most recognizable figures and comes to South Florida in advance of WrestleMania XXVIII, which will take place at Sun Life Stadium on April 1.

Following his retirement from full-time mat competition, he spent some time as WWE Commissioner and today serves as a WWE Ambassador.

“Sgt. Slaughter is a huge racing enthusiast,” said Becherer. “I am sure he’ll put his full effort into the command to start engines, and it’ll be a lot of fun for the fans Saturday night.”


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I seriously thought he was dead.

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    This champions week for Nascar and the track chooses Sgt. Slaughter? What a f...ing joke!

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Just a tie in for Wrestlemania.. Oh and Elliot Sadler's brother Hermie was involved with Pro Wrestling in the past.

  4. Anonymous7:49 AM

    What a loser