Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busch Blows Up, Addington Bows Out

Kurt Busch is in the public relations doghouse once again.

The controversial Penske Racing driver directed a profanity laced tirade at ESPN pit reporter Dr. Jerry Punch Sunday at Homestead Miami Speedway, when Punch attempted to interview him following a transmission failure on his Shell/Pennzoil Dodge. Cameras captured Busch and Punch standing side-by-side, waiting to begin the live interview. Busch was clearly unhappy with the wait and reacted angrily when informed by Punch that debris from his blown transmission had damaged the nose of title contender Tony Stewart’s Chevrolet.

“That just makes me feel a lot better, Doctor,” snapped Busch. “Can you get this motherf--ker out of my face?”

He continued to fume while waiting for the interview to begin, asking, “Why can’t we tape this s--t?” Punch responded that the network preferred to do the interview live, prompting Busch to respond, “Yeah, well I would have liked to do it live f--king 10 minutes ago.”

Tired of Busch’s abuse, Punch walked away, saying “never mind.” As Punch departed, Busch turned and stalked toward his transporter before turning to shout, “Thank you, now get the f--k out of here.” Video of the incident can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The outburst is the latest in a series directed by Busch toward media members, crew members, team management and others. He has repeatedly browbeaten his own pit crew over their in-car radio this season, and his blow-ups reportedly played a major role crew chief Steve Addington's decision not to work with Busch going forward. Addington informed the driver by telephone Monday that he will not return to the crew chief's post next season, and he is widely believed to be heading to Stewart Haas Racing to work for recently crowned Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart.

Addington's departure leaves Busch in the market for a new pit boss, and based on his track record of anger, abuse and mistreatment, that position may not be easy to fill.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Dear Mr and Mrs. Busch,

    You have raised 2 excellent NASCAR drivers.

    Maybe its time to grab them by their ears and give them a tongue lashing since their conduct does not reflect very well on their upbringing.

    Concerned parent.

  2. Might have to can him and hire ragan or reutimann

  3. Tony Atwill12:42 PM

    I'm thinking the Busch bros could get a 2 for1 discount on some anger management classes in the off season

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Kenny Wallace said it best awhile back. Those Busch boys never got a whoppin growing up. Big time auto racing, pressure, sponsors and needing to win is one thing. But, having manors and being able not to act like a complete and utter JackA$$ is another thing all together.

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Those boys just have lost all sense or reality. Kurt and Kyle's dad oughta put Jimmy Spencer on speeddial and get his ass down there for Thanksgiving!

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Reuitty for the 22 in 2012!!

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Kurt's hole is getting bigger and bigger

  8. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Good for Steve he doesn't need to take the bs from the cry babies anymore just shows how good they were raised their parents should be proud of them!!!

  9. Anonymous1:06 PM

    The Busch brothers need some serious Anger Management courses and quick! Maybe they both need to sit out a full season and get the help they need. Sure would like to see more deserving drivers in both of their rides. They are so ungrateful and disrespectful. Wonder what their parents think? Wow!

  10. Anonymous1:07 PM

    It just amazes me that idiots like this can get and keep decent sponsors when really good guys like Kenny Wallace, Trevor Bayne, Todd Bodine, and many others struggle to even find a sponsor.....

  11. Anonymous1:07 PM

    We all have bad days and say things in haste is a real human reaction. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

  12. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Everyone has bad days. But doesn't mean you need to act like a flaming IDIOT EVERYTIME. There is ZERO reason for his reaction ZERO

  13. Anonymous2:00 PM

    To make it even worse, Dr. Jerry Punch is as intelligent, polite and knowledgeable a member of the media as there is. To treat him that way is beyond disgraceful. I will lose all respect for Roger Penske if he doesn't discipline Kurt over this. Having heard interviews with the Busch brothers' father, I am not surprised at their lack of manners. They were raised to believe they are better than anyone else. You reap what you sow.

  14. Anonymous2:11 PM

    use to watch Busch Sr race at Craig Rd in Vegas. His sons are the spitting image of their dad. A%%H%%%s through and through.

  15. divorced replay listener2:12 PM

    i will talk about the 800 pound gorilla that is in the room that no one wants to mention. while kurt has brought a new lady to the track and he made a proper statement back in the spring, there is no way that you cannot consider the fact that kurt is going thru a divorce may have had an effect on his behavior.

    it is just one mans opinion. many do not wish to bring up drivers personal lives. but this ordeal has to have him on edge, and when he has a bad day at the track, kurt just takes out his frustrations on the crew.

  16. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Well Kurt is just being a Busch.
    Nothing shocking there.
    Maybe the questions should be pointed to Roger Penske, he who likes to project an image of class.
    After all by employing Busch; Penske is just enabling the behaviour. As well as Shell Penzoil. Something I'll remember when getting gas over the long weekend.
    Robert Y

  17. Anonymous2:56 PM

    It wasn't that long ago that people got all over Jack Roush because he made comments about Kurt Bush, guess he has an idea of what he was talking about.

  18. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Anonymous previously said it- the Busch boys truly are demonstrating that their parents did not raise their children to have good personalities. I think the personality of the drivers reflect on the sport and no matter how great a driver it should not be tolerated. Give the seat to Reuti!! AND I am so happy for Addington!! He is a great guy and crew cheif.
    Nancy K

  19. Norm D3:05 PM

    congrats, Steve. As MLK once said, "thank God allmighty, free at last!"

  20. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Kurt & Kyle do not play well with others. They need to leave NASCAR peacefully or at least be asked to leave quietly. This sport doesn't need them. I am sure they have made their parents proud. Poor gramma had to get them to kiss and make up. I am sure she is headed for a heart attack this Thanksgiving. Learn some respect Busch brothers!

  21. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Sorry, but there are NO excuses for disrespecting. Talent or no...NASCAR is not like other sports. So, I guess it would have been OK for Carl Edwards to lash out at media when he lost the title on Sunday? NO!

  22. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I wish sponsors would walk and new sponsors could not be found. Unfortunately, without that happening, neither of the Busch brothers will go away. Talent or no talent, neither one of them have any respect for anyone and do not deserve to be where they are.

  23. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Who would want either of the Bush brothers to represent them as spokesmen? Let them race go carts!

  24. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I believe only the top 10 teams attend the awards banquet. Things always happen for a reson and in this case, worked out perfectly. Kurt and Kyle finished 11th and 12th in the points. bwahahahaha....

  25. captneilf4:57 PM


    All the atta boys get wiped out by one ahhh shucks! Neither one would drive for me!

    This world needs HEROs and neither can qualify for that.

    I do not root for Carl Edwards , however he earned my respect during the Homestead race. The Busch boys should emulate him.

  26. Anonymous5:32 PM

    The Busch brothers need to learn the world doesn't revolve around them. Nascar would do just fine without them. There's lots of talent out there waiting to move in. And I'm sure drivers that would be more respectful and appreciate where they are. Just my humble opinion

    Lori from Colorado

  27. Anonymous5:58 PM

    @divorced replay--Kurtsie has a history of showing his a$$ what excuse are you going to use for him for all those other times? Divorce or not, others have gone through divorces & other personal issues WITHOUT being a$$es to reporters.

    Kurtsie needs a serious a$$ whoopin'

  28. This is very simple... The Bush boys were never raised to show anyone respect, there is no way that anyone could make an argument otherwise. They would have to be the worst drivers to ever represent NASCAR as being a family sport. The only thing they could represent well would be the movie Step Brothers.

    They both need to go have a long conversation with Jimmie Johnson's parents and figure how to act like big boys.

  29. Anonymous7:32 PM

    ...Bush Babies. Nuf said. Lets get back to racein!

  30. What did George Clooney say in Oceans 11? Someone is always watching. The catch here is Kurt really does not care. Dr. Punch has too much class to respond back to Kurt the way he should have. Good for him to walk away. Bothe Kurt and his brother have forgotten how hard it was to get where they are ad how many drivers would love to take thier place.

  31. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Dear Mr Bush,
    We regret to inform you, if you drove you car as fast as that filthy mouth that you would win every race.

  32. stlNASCARfans.com1:47 AM

    Jack and Rick just might be saying "I told you so...."

  33. Anonymous2:06 AM

    What a Wanker

  34. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Replace Kurt with Ruiterman

  35. Anonymous8:35 AM

    No wonder Kurts getting a DIVORCE , his wife likely got tired of his ATTITUDE.

    Cannot wait until the BUUSH BRO's are both with low funded teams and struggling to make races

  36. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I just think every time one of the Busch boys get mouthy, whoever they are talking to, should just slap them. Everyone knows they are too scared to fight, and too wimpy to be effective if they tried. JUST SLAP THEM LOL

  37. Scott in Indiana12:11 PM

    Everyone that reads this should copy the article and all the comments into an email and send it to M&M's, Shell/Pennzoil, Penske, and Gibbs. Show them that the people that actually care and follow the sport (we all cared enough to comment here!) are commenting VERY negatively about their behavior. If enough people did this, they may get the message.

  38. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I hope Kyle and Kurt have good accountants and investment advisors because I see early retirement in both their futures. For a split second early this season I thought Kurt was turning a corner and becoming a somewhat pleasant human being but apparently he was just doing a three point turn and coming back the other way. Their bridges are ablaze and brittle. But please don't change a thing boys. Watching you destroy your careers and the reputations of your owners is actually quite satisfying.

  39. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Please get rid of them! They are a boil on the fanny of Nascar!

  40. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I sent my comments about my disappointment with Kyle Busch's behavior to both JGR and M&M's. I promptly received a response from M&Ms. JGR never bothered to respond. I guess they think a "form" PR Dept apology is all that's needed and all is forgiven.

    Penske had their PR Dept whip out a "form" apology about Kurt's actions but I'll bet nothing changes inside PR - just print up more "form" apologies and keep on keeping on.

  41. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Can't believe any sponsor would want these guys to represent them...Stopped doing M&M's (which I liked) earlier due to shrubby ....& Joe Gibbs is the most 2 faced guy around if thats an acceptable way to act..& GOOD for Addington (I'd have quit mid season) I'm suprised none of his own crew guys havn't tuned him in...Disgraceful & not needed in Nascar ...AJ Foyt & Penske (in the day) Smoky Yunick , Jr Johnson Cale etc some of the nastiest guys around Never treated folks (esp their own) that bad...If Earnhardt was'nt bigger than the sport , what have these clowns got to offer

  42. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I won't be buying Shell/Pennzoil products. I've also found the Nestle company has some pretty good candy. Good bye Mars.

  43. Anonymous7:03 PM

    If there was true justice in this world, Jimmy Spencer would be named Kurt's crew chief for 2012 and Eva Busch would get the name & phone number of Linda Bollea's (Hulk Hogan's ex) divorce atty. Sam Hornish Jr. would be the primary test driver for Penske Racing and Kurt's spotter.

  44. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Don't take it out on the sponsors (M&M's & Shell/Pennzoil) they foot the bill for the owner to put a race car on the track. Complain to the car owner.

  45. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I agree with many here; the behavior of these two brothers sullies all good efforts by others; they are a disgrace and I am tired of seeing them – and their apologies. Why is not more being made of Busch the Elder’s (I use that term very loosely) one finger salute on national camera while pulling into the garage not ten minutes earlier? I agree with several other posters on this and other forums: it is too bad that Penske and Gibbs don't sever their ties with these two; how much of this can M&M Mars and Shell Pennzoil take? I think one should boycott these corporations and entities until they act and appropriately. Not just wait for it to subside over the winter. There are plenty of other talented, considerate, deserving, gracious, and needing drivers that apparently could use a good ride. While I don't want to tie them to these two putzes: I think the current driver of the 00, 6, and the 78 are surely talented and deserving - and I would love them to be in good equipment. Not the two selfish inconsiderate childish brothers that have not earned what they have been given. Terry in Delaware.

  46. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Looks like they'll be three turkeys at the Busch family Thanksgiving!

  47. Rick from ohio11:06 PM

    The Busch Brothers can drive Racecars its a shame the cars are faster then there brains.Both need to be with under funded teams NASCAR ban these idots no more slap on the wrist fines. Make them pay 50,000 is nothing to a millionaire. Weeks off Bigger fines More points Get there attention this can not go on . There are drivers from the 00 the 6 and the 78 that act better give one of them a chance for a top notch car.

  48. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Very disappointed in both Joe Gibbs and Roger Penske. Why are these two disrespectful Bush BRATS still driving? The owners don't want to do whats right so the Sponsors need to step in now and put their foot down! Kurt needs to be on the street looking for a job!!

  49. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I don't think I have ever seen either of the Busch parents at their races. And if Gibbs and Penske continue to condone the brothers behaviors, what does that say about them? Wonder how long Kyle will be married? Big brother didn't last too long.......

  50. Anonymous4:51 AM

    I love when real emotions show themselves. Its real people. I would like to thank my sponsor Haha I think the car is real good today then u finish 28th 3 laps down everyweek lier. We had a really good car today BUT my car was just loose Haha then how was it really good. Say it isn't so @badream

  51. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I think it is time to put some pressure on the sponsors of the Bush Brats rides. So many talented drivers are without sponsors/jobs. I was so happy when I thought Kyle had finally grown up a bit. WRONGO! So, I think the best thing we can do as "fans" is to hit where it hurts: letters to sponsors and then no longer buying products.

  52. Anonymous4:37 PM

    SHELL has let PENSKE know that they are not too HAPPY of what Kurt pulled during the last race.

  53. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Supposedly Kurts getting the BOOT on Dec 5th , SHELL has had enough and so has PENSKE.