Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best Buy Jumps To Roush Fenway, Petty Restates Desire To Remain A Two-Car Team

Best Buy announced today that they will not return to the Richard Petty Motorsports No. 43 Ford next season, moving instead to Roush Fenway Racing for a limited schedule of sponsorship with teammates Carl Edwards and Matt Kenseth.

The electronics retailer will serve as primary sponsor of Edwards' #99 Ford for two races and Kenseth’s # 17 machine for nine races next season, in addition to appearing as an associate sponsor on both vehicles. Best Buy has been a NASCAR sponsor for the past seven years, first with Haas Automation (now Stewart Haas) Racing, and more recently with Richard Petty Motorsports, where they backed drivers Elliott Sadler and AJ Allmendinger.

"Best Buy is thrilled to announce this new NASCAR sponsorship deal with Roush Fenway Racing," said Drew Panayiotou, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Best Buy. "Roush Fenway Racing is a great fit for Best Buy Racing. NASCAR continues to be a relevant way for us to connect with our customers. Our goal is to reach our target audiences in a meaningful way, while maximizing the value of our marketing and sponsorship investments."

RPM co-owner Richard Petty expressed sadness with the departure of Best Buy, saying, "We have had a successful and rewarding relationship with Best Buy for the past few years and appreciate all they have done for us. Although it is very disappointing that Best Buy is changing directions at this late date, we wish all our friends there the best in their future endeavors.”

Petty said the team still intends to field a pair of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Fords in 2012, saying, “our plan has always been to run a two-car team in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series… and we are continuing down that path. We have several partners that remain committed to the #43 team (and) we will move forward and explore all of our options in regard to the #43 program in the coming weeks." Petty made no specific mention of either Allmendinger or teammate Marcos Ambrose in his statement today.


  1. Best Buy's money comes from the savings of sending their jobs overseas! My good friend went to work their one day and found that he and another 181 BB employees no longer had jobs. Their positions had been moved overseas.

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Doug from NJ

    Although I may disagree with some of Best Buy's business practices, EVERY TV and monitor in my place (5 total) came from there, as did my last computer, and I am glad they have stayed with NASCAR. The sponsors are going to go where they are the most visible, and if you're a front runner, your visible. Sadly, 'Dinger and the Petty team have not been.

    I wonder if Clint is wishing he had waited so he could hook up with Penske.

    Thanks for stayin' Best buy.

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    As glad as I am that Best Buy stuck around, the fact that they jumped to Roush and that Jack went after them to steal them away from another team is troubling. What sponsor has Roush secured lately that was a new sponsor to the sport. I know that there are a lot of sponsors moving between teams, but at least there are some teams that are looking getting 'new blood.' Look at the sponsors that SHR has signed lately; Quicken and Tornadoes to name a few. Guess Jack and co. is just too lazy.

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Did'nt Dewalt used to sponser Matt Kennesth at Roush and then move to RPM and Marcos Ambrose. So who would be stealing sponser's from other teams. EVERYBODY!

  5. NASCAR is a free market environment; Sponsors can move to the team they feel can provide the best brand exposure on and off track. Best Buy moved from a mid-level team with a famous owner to co-sponsor a former Cup champ and a former NNS champ.

  6. Anonymous11:26 PM

    No no no.... Dewalt did not switch to RPM from RFR. "Dewalt", a subsidiary of Black and Decker was bought by the Stanley tool works. Now if you think back Stanley is a long sponsor of RPM, GEM, Evernham Motorsports. Once the buyout was completed the Dewalt logo started popping up on the #9 entry of Ambrose because Stanley owned the rights to that business unit including the "Dewalt logo".

    Upstate NY

  7. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I just find it interesting that full time sponsors from some teams seem to wind up as part time sponsors on the Rat in the Hat's teams. And he STILL can't get full sponsorship for the cars.