Friday, December 23, 2011

Kyle Busch Unlikely To Race In Truck Series Next Season; Nationwide Schedule Also In Doubt

Kyle Busch is unlikely to compete in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in 2012, at the request of Joe Gibbs Racing and their Sprint Cup Series sponsor, M&Ms.

Kyle Busch Motorsports General Manager Rick Ren confirmed today that there is “a high probability” that Busch will withdraw from the 2012 Truck Series. “That topic is being discussed almost constantly around here right now,” he said, adding, “It is not necessarily something that Kyle chose. If he doesn’t run Trucks this year, it will be at the request (of JGR). Not by demand, but by request.”

After winning six races in 16 Truck Series starts last year, Busch was involved in a controversial crash with championship contender Ron Hornaday at Texas Motor Speedway on Nov. 4. He did not take part in the NCWTS season finale at Homestead Miami Speedway, and M&Ms pulled their sponsorship from his JGR Sprint Cup Series entry for the balance of the season.

“Things change on an hour-by-hour basis,” said Ren today, “but if I had to answer you right now, I’d say he will probably not race in the Truck Series next year. There is a possibility of him running no Nationwide races under certain circumstances, as well. There are a lot of things being discussed right now, which makes it pretty tough on me.

“I’ve been trying to figure out whether Kyle’s going to be available to run our Trucks and Nationwide cars, then determine whether the individual sponsors will stay around without him behind the wheel.” Ren said many of the team’s sponsors came aboard with the understanding that Busch would drive a specified number of races in their entries. Now, with Busch’s participation uncertain at best, many of those negotiations are back to square one.

“I believe Kyle will drive a KBM Nationwide Series Toyota in a certain number of races next year,” said Ren. “I can’t swear to it, but that’s what it looks like today.”


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Now I don't particularly care for Kyle Busch,(or Kurt Busch) but why is NASCAR suspending driver's now-a-day's for the same on track stuff that Dale Sr. used to do on a weekly basis.

  2. HENRY WIPF12:04 PM


  3. Anonymous12:06 PM

    cuss nascar is 2 faced

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Well Anonymous, I think the way that Kyle Busch has went about crashing people out. When he is quoted on his radio that he does not give a crap, that he is dam mad and he is going to take out anyone in his way. People looked up to Dale Sr. back in the day, alot of people cannot stand the Busch brothers.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    The sponsors do love winners and in Truck and NNS, Kyle certainly delivers. But I think he needs to back off anyway and work at getting that Cup championship.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I'm not one to boycott a sponsor because of a driver, but I will boycott m&m's if people lose their jobs because of their request.

  7. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I see Kyles actions as being dangerous to the safety and officiating crews, while Dale was just dangerous to the other drivers. Kyle pulls this crap under caution and on pit road... the people heading to the scenes of those incidents are not in a NASCAR approved cockpit. That is why he is in so much trouble.

  8. Remind me again when Earnhardt demolished someone under caution? It seems to have slipped my mind.

  9. Anonymous12:32 PM

    As bad as I hate to say this becuase I can't stand anyone with the last name Busch or Bush, If M&M's force Kyle to pull out of the truck series and he loses sponsors they need to step up and sponsor him so NO ONE LOSES their job but Kyle! And for the Dale Sr comment someone else made....At least when Dale Sr rattled another drivers cage they respected him at the end of the day, unlike the Busch Bros

  10. Excellent point Dave EXCELLENT POINT!

  11. Anonymous12:36 PM

    With him out of the truck series and maybe out of the nationwide series,JGR has almost no other option but to fire him.

  12. The bad thing here for the truck series is Kyle's driving allowed KBM to field 1 or 2 trucks every week. He often said the sponsors pay for him and that also allows him to put other drivers in his trucks. And like him or hate him.. he put buts in the seats.
    So the truck series looks a tad thin on full time fully funded teams for 2012.

  13. Anonymous12:55 PM

    How about all the time's Earhnhart " rattle someone's cage", flipped Rusty twice in one season, the additude HE had with the press. All the thing's he did then, NASCAR penalize people for today. Earnhart was dangerous back then and NASCAR loved him for it, Waltrip was testy to the media and yet he never sat out any races. Now I know the name Earnhart has alway's been a double edged sword ( Sr. or Jr.) but come on for pete's sake

  14. Ok people, whether we like the Kyle or not, I think we can all agree that the KBM Truck is a quality ride. That being said, I don't think we have to worry about people losing their jobs because there are what? 4 or 5 quality drivers looking for a ride for next year. Regardless of Kyle driving or not, I think that KBM truck will be out there.

  15. Vicky Ashcraft1:13 PM

    It has been obvious that Kyle bombs in the Chase, because of the LONG schedule of racing in three series. I'm just sorry that JGR didn't do the same as Penske by saying goodbye to their Busch driver.

  16. STYILISH2418FAN1:16 PM

    I can understand not having Kyle run Truck n N.W in the races during the Chase but Y would Joe Gibbs "REQUEST" that he not drive a truck or N.W car during the rest of the season? Me & several others tune into the Truck & N.W races to watch Kyle race. I'm NOT happy about this "REQUEST" I WANT TO C KYLE RACE IN ALL 3 SERIES IN 2012!! He doesn't have to run all just some N.W & a LOT of Truck! ***LET KYLE RACE***!

  17. Anonymous1:18 PM

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  18. Anonymous1:21 PM

    So why is it okay to wreck others under green when they are driving alot faster than under yellow? While I dont condone him wrecking Hornaday under yellow it was actually less dangerous, and then Vickers turned around and wrecked Kenseth on purpose under green with no penalties what so ever. Doesn't really seem far. Fans hated Dale Sr. too and he really only became a hero because he died during racing, hence now they all love Jr. and Sr. was an excellent driver and really probably shouldn't have been hated the way he was either, I for one won't watch either the truck our nationwide series if Kyle isn't racing in them, he us the only thing that keeps them exciting!

  19. Did anyone say it was OK to wreck someone under green?

  20. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I keep reading how Kyle is only doing what Dale Sr. used to do. When was the last time you saw Dale Sr on the race track? There s few things people aren't getting correct.
    #1- Dale Sr. never ran anybody down under caution and wrecked them.
    #2- Dale Sr. got parked by NASCAR for rough driving. Back in the 90's, Sr. got parked by NASCAR for rough driving in the Nationwide Series(then Busch series)and the Nextel Cup(then Winston)races at Charlotte in the same weekend. I watched the NASCAR official reach inside Sr's car and turn it off.So yes,Sr. did get punished!
    #3- You don't wreck people under caution.You can get somebody killed.Kyle was lucky there weren't any safety workers on the track when he wrecked Hornady.

  21. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Kyle Busch is the most talented driver on the track these days. It is his poor judgement, bad attitude, speaking before thinking and anger issues that keep him from being the BEST driver out there... just sayin

  22. I think this would be crap onbehalf of JGR & MARs. Okay, you are still ruffled about what Kyle did, that's fine... but you are setting up for people to lose their jobs over this.

    What happens if sponsors pull out? KBM can't go racing. KBM can't go racing, people can't work. People can't work, they get laid off.

    Is that something MARs & JGR want to happen because of them? If so.. Joe Gibbs Racing aren't the people I thought they were.

    Kyle was punsihed for his actions at Texas. He was parked by NASCAR, MARs left him for the final two races, he wasn't able to race his own truck, he had a hefty fine from NASCAR, and this doesn't include anything we might not know. JGR could have made him pay money since MARs pulled sponsorship. Kyle had to go back and pay for his truck to get fixed.

    He's been punished, let it be.

    Fair is fair: You want Kyle out of lower series? You pull Denny and Joey too.

  23. bentbob1:56 PM

    Looks to me like the JGR folks and sponsors want Shrubby to concentrate on winning in the series they pay him millions to do so in, rather than his "hobby" racing on Fri and Sat. I, for one, don't watch Fri and Sat to see Cup regulars in those races, I watch to see the regulars in those series duke it out. Thanks for keeping these guys straight Moody. I've told them a millions times to not exaggerate just to make a point.

  24. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Haters gonna hate;

    All of the keyboard crew chiefs think that eliminating Kyle (and his brother) from NASCAR will make it a "better" sport. For who? The generation of aging fans who don't buy the sponsor's products because they 'boycott' the driver they don't like? Most of you folks don't fall into the category the sponsors want to reach (myself included), so it's a draw.

    Keeping Kyle out of truck and Nationwide will do nothing for ratings of either series, and I am positive they will go in the dumper. Fans of Kyle won't watch races without him, and way too many times last season, when kyle blew up or crashed out, the TV got turned off, JUST like Jr. fans do when Jr. crashes out.

    NASCAR, found Facebook and Twitter in 2011, one day will have a dedicated You Tube channel, and maybe some day like the big boys will have their own TV channel. Oh and did I mention the incredible achievement of implementing fuel injection NEXT SEASON for the first time?

    NASCAR (and it's fans by proxy) needs to come into the 21st Century. And pushing young talent out isn't going to speed up that process.

    Doug from NJ

  25. Anonymous2:20 PM

    What gets me is that BURTON did the EXACT same thing. He wrecked GORDAN under CAUTION, in 2010. At the same freaking track-during the FREAKING Chase. Burton put Gordan in the wall-exactly like Kyle did to Ron. And not a damn thing was done in that situation. It is on you tube so you can't say it didn't happen. AND the Damn Media loved that incident-said it was good for racing. Also where was the outrage when old Rueti took out Kyle during the chase or when Harvick put Kyle in the wall during the Chase. This is pure bull. Kyle was punished more than enough. Also loved how NASCAR said that if any one messed with a Chase driver they would be dealt with. And yet they DID NOTHING to Vickers. I think it is WRONG of JGR to influence KBM--this is Kyle's investment and the future of his company.

  26. Anonymous2:23 PM

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  27. I hope no one recommend Kyle to leave trucks and nationwide. Kyle can do what he wants no one needs to tell him what to do. He is amazing in all of the series. Gibbs and m&m's needs to get off his back.
    I know times are tough but if someone told me to stop raceing in my own team I'd stop or tell them my self unlike this and I'm not leaving.
    I m&ms wants me to boycott them again they better keep it up

  28. The "no profanity" rule is still in effect. Any posts that include profanity will be deleted. Feel free to re-post if you like, without the four-letter words.

  29. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Thank You for correcting that Dave! Much appreciated!

  30. Anonymous2:53 PM

    You deleted mine and there was no profanity in my post?

  31. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Kyle deserves to race in trucks and in nationwide next year! what he did was wrong, but it wasnt THAT bad! i mean jeez, NASCAR!

  32. NASCAR has nothing to do with it! Read the story!

  33. This smells like more of M&M's doing. I think M&M's wants him just in the Cup Series as a part of the internal penalties. But I do feel bad for the KBM guys

  34. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I really think this is BS and Mars M&M's are not about family they are about trying to bankrupt KBM and put a lot of people out of work. I will support Kyle 4 life but I will never buy another Mars M&M's product.

  35. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Reguardless of what anyone requests,Kyle, has the option of racing his truck team. He can even build Nation Wide cars,and race those, if he choices. All he would need to do, is buy out his contract with Gibbs, and go racing.

  36. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I bet the LIMITED NNS races MARS/M&M'S want's to see Kyle in will be the one's sponsored by MARS/M&M'S. If that turn's out to be the case then that say's a lot about Kyle Busch, profit's, and MARS/M&M'S. I also believe JGR and MAR'S see KBM as a threat to THEIR profits and neither have qualms about destroying KBM all together. Everybody thought KBM would fail but guess what folks?!?! IT DIDN'T! He's managed to actually gain a little more sponsorship. Who know's, after one more successful season he may be able to garner even more sponsorship! But that's NOT going to happen WITHOUT Kyle behind the wheel! JGR and MARS BOTH realize this!

    This entire situation, in my opinion, show's that sponsors have TOO MUCH control. I also find it ironic that MARS want's Kyle to drive like a pristine little angel because IMAGE is everything now. I love Kyle Busch to death. I enjoy watching him race even more than I did Dale Sr. and that's something I NEVER thought I would EVER say. If MARS is sooooo worried about image then it wouldn't hurt my feelings AT ALL if Kyle were to start and park every race where the primary car sponsor is MARS/M&M'S!!!! Their image would still be intact, the haters would all be happy because their driver's would have a better chance of winning and JGR wouldn't lose a sponsor LOL!!! Everybody would be soooooo happy!

    I wish I were part of that "1%"!!! I'd sponsor Kyle Busch and KBM in a heart beat! All the way down to my last red cent!

  37. Anonymous9:26 PM

    The truck and nationwide series need Kyle to drive, much more than kyle needs them. Nascar needs Kyle as well even Ron Hornaday said the same. We all know that while Mr. Moody says it is not Nascar it is at the request of Joe Gibbs, we know where Gibbs gets his orders from. I read the story Dave and in my mind Nascar has evrything to do with it. Kyle Busch fans are many and we are very very loyal. If Nascar runs Kyle pout of all the sreies then they are going to lose quite a few fans. I love racing and that is due to my favorite driver Kyle Busch. Attendance and viewership will be way down if Kyle does not race in truck or nationwide. I sincerely hope all of this will prove to be a false alarm or that minds will change. Kyle racing cars has become a lifestlyle and in very important to Kyle fans. This is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I sometimes believe that some of the racing community lives just to bash and to stop Kyle. Why don't they just leave him alone and let hime race, if he does not win, then he will just go away without the haters having to lift a finger, Really it is not healthy to hate someone you do not even know.

  38. Anonymous10:11 PM

    WOW totally agree with the 9:26 pm post.. for over 50 years going to and watching racing - YES 50 YEARS of racing - this is out of control - so may changes/demands to CONTROL the outcome of racing - let the boy race, that is HIS life, what HE loves - and judging from most of the post - that's what "joe q public"WANTS!!!!!

  39. Anonymous11:11 PM

    So let me see if I am getting this right.

    The year that JGR is entering in the truck series and the year that KBM is planning on entering the NW Series--
    Is surprise surprise NOT-the same year that JGR is telling Kyle he can't race in either for KBM.
    And if M&M sponsors either truck or NW for JGR--all the proof I need

  40. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I won't watch Nationwide or trucks if Kyle is not racing!!!

  41. Anonymous11:19 PM

    68 MILLION dollars is what MARS made off of sponsoring Kyle last year. They should be on their knees THANKING him. Kyle is THEY most exciting driver in racing today.
    ENOUGH all ready!!! Kyle did no worse than what has been going on for over 2 years with "Boys have at it"
    Seriously what the heck would SIRIUS radio-NASCAR talk about if all the old hypercritical geezers didn't call in and bash Kyle.

  42. Anonymous11:37 PM Hey Dave Burton wrecked Gordan under CAUTION during the chase. AND I know you didn't rake Burton over the coals. You thought it was great along with their silly slapping fight.
    So ALL you in the media that all acting like Kyle is the only one you ever did this is lying. Just love how every driver is justified in taking out Kyle-or trying too. But Kyle is never justified in standing his ground.

  43. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Dave every time NASCAR does nothing when someone is wrecked under green--NASCAR is saying it is alright

  44. Anonymous2:53 AM

    ANY TRUCK race OR NATIONWIDE race that KYLE is not driving in, during 2012, will NOT be watched in this household!!! ...AND NO TICKET will ever be bought for those races, from us, either!!!!!

    This is RIDICULOUS!!! Seems to me SOMEONE doesn't want the OLDSTERS records to be BROKEN, any longer, by the greatest up and coming DRIVER NASCAR has seen!!!

  45. Anonymous6:16 AM


  46. Anonymous6:40 AM


  47. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Let a racer drive what the heck he wants to race.

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  49. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Dan love what you are saying!!!! But change the cuss words so it wouldn't be deleted. LOL

  50. Anonymous11:04 AM

    If this does happen- I am done with NASCAR. I am new to NASCAR 3 years. And it is because of Kyle. Kyle drew me in because of his passion, humor, no fear, and his unbelievable talent.
    This last year left a real sour taste in my mouth. For all of the HYPOCRITES who want Kyle's head-for something that is no worse or different, that has been going on the last 3 years- it amazes me the "hate" you have. And don't try to say it is different. Because I can list countless examples of incidents worse or the same that didn't get beat into the ground. And where NASCAR did squat too.
    There was a major red flag when Helton said Kyle was punished because of who he was. That is pure crapola. NASCAR is suppose to be neutral.
    I am also getting so angry with how the SIRIUS shows all put RCR/Harvick on a pedestal. And refuse to see what Harvick & co was doing to Kyle ever since Kyle stoled Rick Ren from him. Harvick is a nasty bully-but all you guys do his glorify him. And we are now to believe that Hornady is an angel. Give me a freaking break!!!
    For the last 4 weeks on all the shows -all I have heard is Kyle & Kurt being bashed. It is funny how Kyle is never given credited for how cleanly he races. I have seen him come from the back many a times without "wrecking" anyone. But it seems that it is fair game to take him out. Because every driver knows how the media will twisted it to blame Kyle. Also seen him win over 50 races with out WRECKING anyone!!
    Every since Kyle signed his new contract with JGR--all they have done is try to change him.
    And id Joe Gibbs would of stood up to Harvick/RCR when Harvick was taking out all of his drivers in 2010-maybe just maybe Harvick wouldn't have gotten away with wrecking Kyle 4 times in the truck series. Harvick must fell like quite the man -knowing that that was the only way he was going to win the Owners Championship.
    And SHAME on you Dave for printing this right before Christmas. KNOWING that you would upset hundreds of Kyle fans. Seriously it couldn't have waited until after the Holidays????
    A Kyle fan NOT a NASCAR fan!!!

  51. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Hey Anon,
    Glad you mentioned all those things on Sirius radio shows,glad I am not the only one to notice this.Harvick hailed as a hero when he takes out drivers and also glorifing the RCR team..Come on Moody get little bit fair and Chocolate Myers good grief he was a gas can carrier..Time to recognize good talent wheter you like someone or not and if money rules the sport then the sport will continue to fade as it has been because of the has beens.

  52. Anonymous12:41 PM

    If they take Kyle out of his own truck then they should never let Harvick or Hornaday race again either!!Both are bullies in thier own right!!Boy i wish i could have had someone like harvick in my school!!Would have LOVED for him to pop up in my face!!Kyle U R the Man!!Oh yeah the one Dale SR.never had!!U continue on shutting up all those Hendrick and Rousch people.Its said u got them guys{Tony,Carl,Dale jr.,Jimmie,Jeff,Matt,Kevin]all after you!!M@Ms need to grow a pair and lets race!!!Nascar already hurting let them go ahead and finish thierselves off!!Kyle Busch is the MAN!!

  53. Anonymous3:13 PM

    It is so refreshing to see Kyle fans have enough of this double standard bull-. AND stick up for Kyle!!!!!

  54. Anonymous4:22 PM

    The media is responsible for all the negativity. Who wants to read a story that is positive?? They push the drivers buttons and act surprised with the reactions! There has always been "boys have at it" in the sport but they didn't have cameras and mics stuck everywhere! Next thing, they will have mics in the toilets!! Sponsors are making millions ($67M in Kyle's case) off the bashing, hate and negativity. You can't have it both ways!!

  55. Barb @18_Rowdy_514:41 PM

    The only reason I watch truck and nationwide races is to watch the amazing talent that is Kyle Busch. I've turned the races on a few times when he wasn't racing but it's not nearly as exciting without the Rowdy one behind the wheel. I don't see this as another form of punishment from JGR and M&M Mars but more as them thinking if Kyle races strictly Cup that it increases his chances of winning a Sprint Cup championship. I believe the more Kyle races the more focused he becomes, and the information he gathers about the track and racing conditions does a lot to help his efforts in the Cup series. Kyle had stated repeatedly that the more he learns about the track running the other series the better info he can give Dave and his crew to help his Cup car. Cutting his schedule back with JGR Nationwide races seems within the scope of Joe Gibbs' authority but I don't think that should extend to what Kyle is trying to accomplish with KBM. Let the man do what he was meant to do, race cars (and trucks) with skill, passion and dedication that has brought more excitement to NASCAR than anyone in recent memory. A race without Kyle Busch is just not as exciting to watch, and I think his commitment to JGR and KBM shouldn't be handcuffed by others, especially with the difficulty garnering sponsors and new fans.

  56. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I view this as a extended punishment! When will it end Mars? Next year? Forever?? Do you want his first-born too??? The fact that he can obtain his own sponsors for his team shows they want him to drive! Busch wackers taking credit for Mars decisions by boycotts. LOL...really? Non-fans are only a portion of a percent of the total world population! Mars would be foolish to walk away from their share of $67M. And need to support your driver! And NASCAR, fair is fair! Keep the bully off his back that will intentionally keep Kyle from wins at any cost!! As for the media, Kyle doesn't need to just need to have boundaries and show the drivers some respect!
    Merry Christmas :-)

  57. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Personally what Kyle did was wrong...but it is far more dangerous under green and as nascar commentators pointed out it was ok under green..i will not watch any series kyle is not in..and I agree if people loose jobs I will boycott m&m's

  58. Anonymous12:25 PM

    And if MARS sponsors JGR"s new trucks or their NW program-than I will know why they are stopping Kyle from racing in his KBM Trucks & NW.

    This is so wrong on so many levels. It is OVER & DONE with. MARS & JGR made it far worse by the way they handled the situation. They should of demanded explanation from NASCAR when it was said that Kyle got punished for being Kyle.

    And now they are still humiliating Kyle by continuing this BULL!!!

  59. JGR is not fielding Trucks this year. They never have. And the M&Ms sponsorship is for Cup only.

    I also think NASCAR explained their decision to park Kyle for the remainder of the Texas weekend very clearly at the time.

    Here's how I see it. As the team that pays Kyle Busch millions of dollars each season to drive their Sprint Cup car -- dollars that have largely financed the Kyle Busch Motorsports Nationwide and Truck operation -- Joe Gibbs Racing has every right to say, "We want you to race for us this season, and ONLY us." If Kyle isn't willing to do so, or feels he is being treated unfairly, he has every right to quit JGR and race for himself full time in 2012.

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen, though.

  60. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Dave you ARE WRONG. JD Gibbs & Joe both stated that they were entering the Trucks this year. Matter of fact JD stated it on your show.

    WE KNOW that MARS sponsors Cup. The POINT that was being made is:
    IF MARS sponsors either a Truck or NW it tells a lot about the decision being made.
    AND KYLE MADE 68 MILLION for MARS. Also once Joe & JD gave Kyle the ok to start the team-THEY should not be able to switch when it SUITS them.
    Also I love how you act like what Kyle did was never done by another driver. BUTON WRECKED GORDAN UNDER CAUTION in the Chase. it is on you-tube can't dispute it.
    Also love how it was fine & dandy for Kyle to race & win in the NW for JGR. But now all of a sudden there is a problem.
    The hypocrisy of the way the media, Nascar, reports on Kyle is unbelievable.
    And about your story where is the comments or quotes from either JD, Joe, or Kyle. Seems to me that those are the ones that are important to the story also.

  61. Anonymous4:02 AM

    I dont like Kyle's attitude at all but w/o him and his bro it takes alot out off nascar w/o J gordon and JJ both great drivers but no pizass gotta have some conflict like cale v bobby king v david p dale sr v rusty and any one else that got in his way w/o these guys we wouldnt be watching nascar now and with the way the economy and those stupid epa pukes and libs have it when the cars pit theyll have to recharge instead of refill oh yeah screw ethanol use corn for food any way just some of my thoghts as a long time race fan and collector of memorabila.also try the kings driven experence i drove bristol and charlotte WOW all i can say,hurry up feb im bored

  62. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Sponsors DICTATE the entire sport now!! When someone loves to do something, they should not be held back, I watched Dale Sr. do almost the exact same thing to a guy(name illudes me now) running in the top 10 in a Busch Race at Hickory in 1992, the entire crowd went nuts and cheered and he was a hero! I think it is wrong to hold Kyle back from what he loves to do.

  63. JoeT18Fan1:07 PM

    With Kyle being out of the truck and nationwide races, how will that negatively affect the two series? I will accept whatever happens as long as Kyle is still racing in Cup. But if Kyle is not racing in the other two series I will most likely not attend them in person and I go too alot of races....
    Go Rowdy!!!!