Monday, October 14, 2013

COMMENTARY: Random Thoughts On A Monday Afternoon

It’s easier to cry “phantom debris caution” than to get a good restart.

NASCAR should stop building cars that are “comfortable and stable for the drivers.” Comfortable, stable drivers are seldom fun to watch.
If Mark Martin tells you to “go screw yourself” on Twitter, you are almost certainly an a-hole.
When big guys screw up, little guys lose their jobs.
If you didn’t buy at least one ticket to Rockingham Speedway in the last two years, you have no right to complain or place blame.
When it comes to his feud with Brad Keselowski, Kyle Busch just can’t stop picking the scab.
Don’t like the way your car is handling? You have two choices. (A) Cry like a little girl over your in-car radio, or (B) Take it to the garage and let the Big Boys race. I’m going with (B).
Brian Vickers is either (A) One tough customer, or (B) Completely oblivious to the risks associated with recurring blood clots. I’m going with (A).
Martin Truex Jr. is either (A) Extremely close to signing with a new Sprint Cup Series team for 2014, (B) The classiest, most forgiving guy in NASCAR or (C) All of the above. I’m going with (C).
I really hope NAPA decides to remain involved in NASCAR.
Whoever invented aerodynamics should be taken out and whipped.
In a related thought, NASCAR needs to become less dependent on things we cannot see.
“Mason Mingus” is a cool racing name. Not quite as cool as “Lake Speed,” but close.
Camping World Trucks will return to New Hampshire in 2014. What took you so long?!?
A very small number of NASCAR crew members still haven’t gotten the message that smoking a little dope WILL cost you your job, eventually.
College football at Bristol Motor Speedway? Cool. A NASCAR race at the Rose Bowl? NOW we’re talkin’!
All of a sudden, I like Jeff Burton’s chances to be a part-time driver at Michael Waltrip Racing next season.
The people complaining about NASCAR moving the Southern 500 away from Mother’s Day Weekend are the same people who complained about NASCAR moving the Southern 500 TO Mother’s Day Weekend.
Night racing at “The Lady In Black” will be a hoot, regardless of the date.
Roof wickers will increase the amount of dirty air passing over a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car. Wicker roofs would do an even better job.  


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    That was great. Lets get rid of coil binding, bump stops, side curtains and splitters and put a bper back on the car and get them less dependant on air

  2. Love it, great random thoughts Dave!

  3. Whoever invented aerodynamics should be taken out and whipped....twice..

    Martin Truex Jr. is either (A) Extremely close to signing with a new Sprint Cup Series team for 2014, (B) The classiest, most forgiving guy in NASCAR or (C) All of the above. I’m going with (C). definitely C.. this whole episode has made me a MTJ fan for life...

    1. Anonymous9:33 PM

      Didn't God invent aerodynamics, y'all take that back.

  4. Anonymous3:05 PM

    How about a race at Bristol WHILE they play football in the infield. But you would still get 50 % of the people calling in saying they were bored

    1. Then have the cheerleaders pit the cars.

  5. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Moody, we've been at Darlington, both when it was on Labor Day & then when Nascar moved it first to November (ugh that was awful) and then to Mother's Day. I'll wait and see what the weather is going to be like during April - I'm not spending $ of money to travel to a race if it is going to be the monsoon season. Kansas doesn't deserve 2 dates - based on the awful racing we saw this year, but since it's owned by the France family, they care about that track not Darlington.

    1. Dan From NY7:24 PM

      I loved the racing at Kansas this year drivers actually had to drive and not just ride around in their comfortable car. JMO

  6. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Moody's on FIRE!

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Love your random thoughts! If Nascar is all about designing the car (and they seem to be), why can't they come up with something that doesn't need clean air to be consistently competitive? I guess clean air never hurts, but -- dang! -- I'm sick of it being the "6th guy over the wall."

  8. Anonymous4:18 PM

    always liked Truex, and this year has not changed that, hope and pray he goes to a team deserving of him

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I bought 4 tickets and a camp spot for both years the trucks were there and really bummed about the ROCK!

  10. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Loved the random thoughts.
    Zig Fracassi .... now that's another cool name. Not a racecar driver but familiar to Sirius Speedway fans.

  11. Wayne7:34 PM

    And when does Truex file suit against MWR?

  12. Anonymous9:45 PM

    It’s easier to cry “phantom debris caution” than to get a good restart.

    It's easier to say "you look fabulous in those clothes" than to say you have no clothes on.

  13. Anonymous11:45 PM

    I live in CA and bought tickets for the soldiers stationed at the two bases near there. I really hate it for Andy. Breaks my heart to see this happen to him. He busted his but.

  14. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Bring back the convertibles! That'll solve the aero problems! :)

    Just kidding, folks, I'm not quite that crazy... - Mike, NH

    1. I am all for it ,couldn't be any worse than the Buick lead sled Ricky Rudd drove for K.Bernstein or the original COT.

  15. The Debster10:28 AM

    on the Brian Vickers front.... I really started to invest in him and his driving. He is and will be again a great contender and team player. Hopefully he can get those blood clots under control.

  16. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I hope Martin does not help out MWR at all

  17. The Bear11:57 PM

    Great thoughts Godfather!! You got it right!!

  18. Racers race hardest with comfortable racecars. There is a difference between comfortable and hard to drive - cars where expenditure of physical effort is really required to drive is what the sport needs more; it needs to weed out the Danica Patricks of racing.

    NASCAR supposedly tested the roof blade at the Charlotte test earlier this week. The roof blade works; the racing is best when the draft is more important than handling. NASCAR needs the roof blade back.

    I'm amazed anyone wants to sponsor Michael Waltrip. He is a guy the sport can do without.

    Brian Vickers is one of those guys who can't catch any kind of break.