Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LaJoie On Probation After "Insensitive And Intolerable Communication"

NASCAR K&N East Series driver Corey LaJoie will be required to participate in sensitivity training as directed by NASCAR, and has been placed on indefinite probation for violating the sanctioning body’s Code of Conduct policy. 

On October 15, Corey LaJoie violated Sections 7-5 (Code of Conduct) and 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) of the 2013 NASCAR Rule Book. 

NASCAR did not provide specifics on the communication, but it was a Twitter posting concerning an airline passenger with "a turban and a gray beard."

“Corey LaJoie recently issued an insensitive and intolerable communication that has no place in our sport,” said George Silbermann, NASCAR’s vice president, Regional and Touring Series. “Each of NASCAR’s 2013 series-specific Rule Books includes our Code of Conduct that unequivocally states our stance specific to the use of demeaning language. We expect our entire industry to adhere to that Code.

LaJoie  commented on the sanction today, saying via Twitter, "I am very sorry for those offended by my recent remark. It was an immature and insensitive comment. I am upset with myself and how this has affected what has been a very positive year in my career.”



  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    What the Hell ever happened to FREE SPEACH

    1. There is nothing in the Bill Of Rights or Constitution that allows you to say anything you want with impunity. All the "Free Speech" amendment does is prevent the GOVERNMENT from throwing you in jail for saying he President is a goober. If you think you have the right to say whatever you want, march into your bosses office, call him a sanctimonious, self-righteous ass hat, and see what happens. We are all responsible for what comes out of our mouths.

    2. Anonymous8:48 PM

      There are folks that will never understand that THEY don't have the right to insult others because they don't look like nor believe like them. The sport will always be worse off for it. I have some free speech for Mr. SPEACH, learn to spell then you can comment.

    3. Anonymous10:35 PM

      Where was his freedom of speech violated?....What Dave said

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I have to say when I get on an airliner and there is a person wearing a turban with a gray beard I get just a little nervous.

    1. Anonymous8:52 PM

      They are probably Sikhs one of the most peaceful people on earth for God's sake and fought side by side with the british in WWII.

      Put your predjudice away and stop projecting.

    2. Anonymous10:39 PM

      Why? None of the people were wearing a turban or had gray beards that flew airplane into the WTC, Pentagon or crashed in PA on 9/11

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    AMEN..... Factoid Mr Dave M