Thursday, October 31, 2013

Penalties Assessed In Martinsville Truck Incident

NASCAR has issued penalties to Ty Dillon’s No. 3 team in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, following last weekend’s race at Martinsville Speedway.

Dillon and driver Kevin Harvick crashed while racing for second place in the late laps of Saturday’s race, then engaged in a series of on-track bumps during the ensuing caution flag. Harvick briefly parked in Dillon’s pit stall, triggering a confrontation that included the throwing of a hamer by one of Dillon’s crewmembers.

The Dillon team has been penalized for violating Sections 12-1 (Actions detrimental to stock car racing; throwing an object at a competitor’s race truck) and 9-4A: (The Crew Chief assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her Driver, Truck Owner and team members). The infractions occurred during the race on Saturday, October 26.

As a result of these violations, crew chief Paul (Marcus) Richmond has been fined $10,000 and crew member Adam Brown – who reportedly threw the hammer -- has been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    but nothing for childress telling dillon to wreck happy?

  2. MIKE BUSH2:20 PM


    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      so you cant throw a hammer but you can pull a truck in a pit stall thats not yours.when that pit crew is not looking for a truck?how about we suspend both?

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I think these penalties are ok however Harvick stopped in Ty's pit causing him to make another lap before being able to pit. This may have cost him points. Harvick should have been received some kind of a fine also.

  4. I'm glad this did not go unnoticed. He should be forced to go through anger management for his hard card back. (if he has one)

  5. I guess Nascar is going to allow Bully Harvick to park in the wrong pit stall any time he wants? That's four times in two years.

  6. Boyd Heeman10:09 PM

    I thought there would be some penalty for pushing another truck on pit road with crew members in danger.Hasn't there been driver penalties for this in the past?

  7. Anonymous1:28 AM

    According to John darby(on dialed in)the guy with the hammer wasnt even a credentialed crew member.

  8. Geosez10:00 AM

    What exactly was the crew chief's involvement? (Other than that's where the buck stops.) I would assume RC would pay that fine for him.

  9. I'm disappointed that the penalties stopped where they did.

    (quoting your other column): "Dillon, grandson of team owner Richard Childress, rammed Harvick repeatedly after the crash, while Childress goaded him via in-car radio to “turn (Harvick’s) ass over.”

    Harvick drove his damaged truck to pit road and stopped briefly in Dillon's pit stall, where he was swarmed by several members of the RCR crew."

    Both these drivers behaved in a way that was reckless UNDER CAUTION, and UNDER CAUTION it is not a "racing deal". This was made very clear when Kyle Busch was suspended from a cup race for actions during a truck race.

    In addition to what was done, Harvick should have been suspended from that weekend's cup race and Austin should have lost championship points.

    That would have been consistent with previous penalties

  10. I would bet Pop Pop is Pissed Pissed.

    Does anyone else see a night and day difference in the 2 Dillon Brothers?

  11. Anonymous7:16 PM

    No more HAMMER DOWN?