Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Godfather's Saturday Martinsville Diary

Everyone knows what happens when the microphones are hot and the racing is hotter. But what about the "down times," when things are less hectic and life moves at a slower pace? In an effort to provide a look behind the scenes at Motor Racing Network, here's a rundown of Dave's Saturday at Martinsville Speedway, right up to the start of the Kroger 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race...

6:00 AM – Wide awake, despite an alarm set for 7:45. It never fails.

6:15 AM – “Back to sleep” plan abandoned. Open curtains to reveal a continuous, steady rain. That’s the second disappointment of the day, and we’re only 15 minutes in.

7:30 AM – S#!t, shower and shave, then downstairs to sample the gourmet breakfast offerings from the Danville (VA) Holiday Inn Express. Third disappointment of the day…

8:00 AM – In the car and headed to the track. Phone conversations with the Mad Canadian -- who also failed in her sleep-late bid -- and Angie Skinner, who delivers play-by-play of hubby Mike attempting to put on his underwear. It’s a wonderful life.

8:15 AM – SPEED’s Bob Dillner tweets that his #51 Super Late Model will kick the #30 Godfather Motorsports Super Late Model’s ass tonight at Hickory Motor Speedway. Oh, it’s ON!!

8:25 AM – Arrive at Martinsville Speedway and am greeting by two, 14-year old parking attendants who announce that I am not allowed to park at the MRN Trailer. After a brief period of negotiation, I inform the ladies that one of two things is about to happen. Either THEY are going to open the gate, or I am going to open the gate. They choose Option B.

8:27 AM – Parked next to the MRN Trailer. Parking Nazis clearly displeased. Jet dryers on the track, in the rain. Pumpkin Spice coffee improves mood only slightly.

8:35 AM – SPEED’s Bob Dillner phones to talk Super LM smack, then admits he is skipping Hickory race to take his daughter to a High School football game. Cool dad.

8:50 AM – Jet dryers shut down. Still raining.

9:00 AM – Second cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Minimal improvement in mood.

9:23 AM – A knock on the MRN trailer door reveals Bear, an aptly named Sirius Speedway fan, who has brought his teenage daughter “to meet the Godfather.” Daughter seems considerably less excited. Understandable.

9:30 AM – Ken Childs from drops by with a plate of brownies. Breakfast of Champions.

9:35 AM – Rain has stopped, though still heavily overcast. Jet dryers rolling again, Camping World Truck Series gridded for qualifying. Slight improvement in mood.

9:47 AM – Sunshine for approximately 45 seconds. Additional improvement in mood.

9:55 AM – Balance of MRN crew arrives and shares details of death struggle with 14-year old parking Nazis.

10:05 AM – Full sunshine now envelops Martinsville Speedway. Immediate and dramatic improvement in mood!

10:30 AM – Garage area at Martinsville. Two Martinsville hot dogs consumed, despite not being hungry. Hey, it's tradition.

10:35 AM – “Your article on Jack Sprague was right on, Moody. You’re the man.”

10:37 AM – “Your article on Jack Sprague was total bull$#it, Moody. You’re an idiot.”

10:50 AM – Driver “Eddie Leadfoot” denies rumors that he is negotiating with Burnout Racing about a 2012 ride, swearing he has never spoken to anyone there in his entire life.

10:55 AM – The owner of Burnout Racing says, “We’ve talked to `Eddie Leadfoot,’ but there’s nothing done yet.”

11:50 AM --Truck Series qualifying complete. Nobody has any idea if their Truck is good or not.

12 Noon: MRN Truck Series Production Meeting. Producer Amanda Trautman gets off to a bad start by neglecting to mention today’s Green Flag time. Eight minutes of non-stop verbal abuse ensues.

12:05 PM – Sprint Cup Series practice underway

12:10 PM – Amanda begins shouting, apparently unhappy that no one is listening to her.

12:11 PM – Suitably chastised, everyone pretends to listen to Amanda.

12:30 PM – MRN Transporter Driver Frank Curci made chili for lunch! Much rejoicing.

12:31 PM – Informed that MRN Operations guy Mike Doncheff actually made the chili. Lotta people worried.

12:33 PM – Clarification: Doncheff’s WIFE made the chili. Resume rejoicing.

12:20 PM – Chili is spicy and LOADED with peppers and onions. There may be a price to pay later. Screw it, we’re going in.

12:30 PM – MRN Anchorman Joe Moore goes for a second bowl of chili. Booth mate Barney Hall, who is eating a hotdog instead, will be defenseless this afternoon.

1:20 PM – Climbing the Turn Three grandstands. 53 rows x two steps per row = I’m OUT OF SHAPE!

2:04 PM – Singin’ and prayin’ begins. Martinsville High School Jazz Band knocks the National Anthem OUT OF THE PARK!

2:10 PM – Mrs. Yancy’s second grade class delivers the command.



  1. Sounds like you are having more fun than anyone should be allowed!

  2. And once again, the professional makes it look easy

  3. Nothing if not entertaining! At least the HIE has something resembling a real breakfast, as opposed to the "Continental" variety!

  4. Doug M4:37 PM

    Entertaining read, Dave. thanks.

  5. Anonymous8:21 PM

    too Damn funny, Did you tip the 14 yr old parking Nazi for letting you past the gate??

    Steve C

  6. Ronbo9:06 PM

    Just another day at the track

  7. Anonymous8:23 PM

    ..Chili and Martinsville 'dogs, what could be better..