Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Harmon Released On $10,000 Bond

NASCAR driver Mike Harmon was released on $10,000 bond Monday evening after turning himself in to authorities in Shelby, NC.

Arrest warrants were issued for Harmon and former Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing partner David Novak early Monday, charging both men with breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering. The warrants pertain to two NASCAR Nationwide Series cars and five Camping World Truck Series entries stolen from Cobb earlier this year and recovered from Harmon's Mooresville, NC, race shop and a storage facility in Catawba last month.

Harmon formerly served as team manager for Cobb's Nationwide Series team. He professed his innocence yesterday, telling Sirius XM Speedway, “I’m innocent. I haven’t stolen anything and this is a civil matter.”

Novak remains at large.


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    not innocent when going against a judges ruling. you can't just take stuff even if you think it's yours until court case is over if a judge has ruled that the stuff belongs to Cobb for now. These two are not real bright or have total disrespect for the law in which case they should and should have been arrested Gezzzz If I pulled that kinda of stuff here where I live I'd still be in jail!!!!

  2. Anonymous4:43 AM

    dave, is nascar keeping harmon & cobb apart( `cept for racing)?