Friday, June 14, 2013

McCollum's Bill Banning NASCAR Sponsorships Defeated Again

Congresswoman Betty McCollum’s amendment to the 2014 Department of Defense budget was defeated today by a 289-134 margin. 

The Minnesota democrat’s bill would have prohibited the Army National Guard from spending $53.5 million to sponsor NASCAR, Indy Car racing World Wrestling Entertainment events in 2014. McCollum called the program “a waste of taxpayer funds,” saying the Guard has been unable to provide any data demonstrating that this recruitment program resulted in actual enlistments.
Not unexpectedly, McCollum reacted angrily to the bipartisan vote, saying, “This is a Congress that has its priorities seriously wrong. I am watching Republicans and Democrats coming together to slash government spending by kicking poor children off the school lunch program and denying low-income seniors access to food. Then these same folks turn around and protect a $53 million taxpayer handout to NASCAR and pro-wrestling. It just shows the American people the extent to which Congress is addicted to spending that directly benefits special interests like NASCAR.”


  1. Brandon in TN3:51 PM

    Unable to provide data? I thought the National Guard just released all kinds of data that showed how beneficial the sponsorships were?

  2. Poor Betty. I'm certain that she has never catered to a special interest in her lying- I mean political- career.

    No politician that makes it as far as D.C., does so without the hands of special interests, lobbyists, and the like guiding their decisions.

    I am pleased with the vote on a couple fronts. They voted to keep sponsorship money in NASCAR, and IT WAS BIPARTISAN!!! That in and of itself, is nothing short of amazing. Bipartisan people! Our politicians reached across the isle for something other than raising their own pay. Astonishing! There may still be hope...

  3. Seems to me that the guard Is funded by mostly the state's. . So wouldn't each state need to approve or disprove the measure. .?

  4. g55rumpy1:31 AM

    she rather the WH spent on parties, vacations, & golf